View Full Version : MPx Pulley Kit for non-turbo model FIATs! Available at 500 MADNESS

08-05-2013, 06:14 PM
Modern Performance has released a light-weight pulley kit for the non-turbo FIAT 500s and you can get it right here at 500 MADNESS!

The stock pulley weighs in at 3.35 lbs. In comparison the MPx lightweight underdrive pulley weighs in at 1.8 lbs. Saving nearly 1.6 lbs of sprung mass off of the crankshaft allows for a quicker revving engine, and less power loss spinning dead weight.

By the use of this kit MPx was able to underdrive accesories by 20% without affecting the AC and Alternator. This means less power is robbed from the crankshaft for the AC and Alternator. At the same time they still function normally. Cold AC, Normal Alternator Performance and no Check Engine Lights!

MPx gained solid horsepower and torque across the entire RPM Range, not just power up top, or on bottom. This makes a difference you can feel.
This Pulley Kit is consists of an Outer Billet Pulley, Tone Wheel, Longer Crank Pulley Bolts and a new Gates Belt.

Now a great addition to any FIAT!!