View Full Version : Trekkings on way to CA Studios

08-01-2013, 10:04 PM
If you've been looking for a Trekking, I've noticed several Studios have the Trekkings on the way in California. They're showing on the Studio websites, and should arrive within a day or two (guess). If there's one in particular showing up that you want, get down to the Studio and put a deposit down!

08-02-2013, 12:43 AM
Just a reminder on the VIN:

You can tell if they're Trekkings by the VIN,
ZFBCFAD that last letter "D" means it's a Trekking.

An "A" is a Pop, "B" is an Easy, "C" is a Lounge.

All you need is a VIN to know what kind of 500L it is, and you can also look at the window sticker online to see what options the vehicle may have, even if there is no image provided.

This is one example, where the dealer has some coming in, with pics of a Trekking, but it doesn't SAY Trekking (at the top):

Always (please) read the window sticker. That alone would have saved a lot of headaches when it comes to the Sirius XM.

I'd noticed several dealers using a generic photo of a black Pop for a black Gucci. The Gucci model is a Lounge model. With the chrome accents. If you were just scanning pictures on the dealer website, you'd never know that the Pop was really a Lounge with Gucci extras.

And many times in the past year or so, the dealer has put up a completely inaccurate photo. One time I saw every single photo (generic photos, not actual pics) used was an Abarth. You know, with the stripes and mirror covers? Except the models were Pops and Lounges, in Olive or Espresso, colors the Abarth doesn't come in.

08-02-2013, 12:51 AM
Another example, why you need to read the window sticker:

See any indication at all of the transmission (9:48 pm pacific time):

And doesn't it look like the vehicle is black with a white roof? That's what the image shows. It does NOT have a white roof. It does have a stick shift (manual) and has the Popular Equipment and the Beats/SiriusXM, if you look at the window sticker: