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07-12-2013, 05:09 PM
Hi! I believe I didn't present myself before, I'm not from the US, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fiat's are not new to us, we have locally built ones since early '60s, and imports much earlier than that. I was more a VW guy, but when I laid my eyes on the 500, pictures at first, then personally in 2008 during a work trip to Europe (mostly in Paris, there were quite a few), I knew I wanted to have it!
The only problem was; when Fiat Arg brought a few few Euro spec 500s in 2009, as these pay about 35% extra taxes than regionally produced cars, it resulted in base 500s for a "reasonable" $32K... not a lot were sold.
Once the American version was put in production, obviously with US market in mind, as an unexpected bonus, it was sold all over America! so, we finally got it for a reasonable price (still quite more expensive than US, but not that bad). So, early 2012 I sold my loved A3 and rushed to buy a 500 Sport (the Abarth was not available then, we still dont get the American Abarth, I hope they "fix" this situation soon! we only have the Euro Abarth with only 135CV for about $33K!! so it's still not an option).
I got a Bianco Perla Sport with no options (if I asked for options... I had to wait.. months!, so, no thanks. There were better equipped ones, but I'm quite tall, about 6.2", and having tested the one with sunroof, I felt quite cramped).

I bought a few accessories, didn't want to do too many deeper changes, as here, any excuse is good enough to void your warranty, so, my idea was to wait for a year, then fool around.
I have the "mandatory" gadgets; door sills, Tributo Ferrari key cover, etc... I also put leather covers on the cluster bezel, e-break and a similar looking one on the shift booth.
I hardwired the GPS, hate to see cables hanging around. Got the original Abarth pedal covers and dead pedal from Ebay UK. Also bought the American Abarth steering wheel, still waiting for my friend to bring it from California... so I still have the original one.
Externally didn't do much; just vinyl strips on roof and hood, kept the sides clean, and window tinting. Upgraded the speakers, put a small sun in the trunk.
Lowered it, not too much, it is a bit bouncier, but much more stable going fast(ish...) also, looks so much better, standard it looks so high and narrow, now it has a fat stance.
Didn't touch the motor yet, just intake. I tried the timing controller and didn't find it too useful (a friend has it, so I borrowed it for a month). oh, I also put Neuspeed short shifter. Love it! it's not only gives shorter shifts, but makes it much nicer and firmer.
My plans are now to do the exhaust and reprogram the ECU. There is a local shop here that deals with Fiat, Alfa and Lancia for decades, they say they can get an extra 9CV... not much, but in a low powered car every bit counts! I never trust programmers, but as these guys have a respectable garage for such a long time...

Here are a few (phone...) pictures of my 500.






07-12-2013, 05:57 PM
Welcome...from a fellow Argentinian!! Car looks great!!