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07-04-2013, 12:42 AM
"The best thing about this car, though, were the brakes. Fiatís ďblended brakingĒ system hasnít been talked about much, and we canít really understand why. The system essentially uses engine braking down to eight mph, at which point the actual rotors and pads go to work. Not only does this save electricity and greatly expand brake life, but it feels better than any regenerative braking system weíve ever tested.

On many hybrids and EVs, the driver is forced to endure a brake pedal that is difficult to modulate, with an almost on-off feeling. The Fiat 500e feels more natural, with linear travel and a predictive level of stopping power. In short, Fiatís braking solution makes the 500e feel more like a regular, gas-powered car than most other EVs on the market."

Read it all here: http://www.windingroad.com/articles/reviews/update-2014-fiat-500e/

A few pics of Grigio with eSport package, black interior/accents and Electric Orange with white interior + accents.

I'm digging the grey with orange (eSport package accents), looks GOOOOOOD. Check it out!

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Another good review! http://carnewscafe.com/2013/07/2013-fiat-500e-first-impression/

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I concur about the brakes, they operate in a very linear fashion and it is almost impossible to tell when the pads actually come in contact with the rotors, which is likely almost never except at full stops. I predict that for me I will never have to do a brake pad replacement during my ownership window of 10 years.