View Full Version : Test drive: 500 Colour Therapy (UK)

07-03-2013, 05:47 PM
"But itís not just the exterior colour that gets special treatment. Itís replicated inside too and distinguishing white details give the carís interior a unique personality.

Even without the paint job, the litle car has a huge appeal, especially to women Ė well over 100,000 have been sold since the Fiat 500ís launch in the UK in 2008.

Standard on the mid-range Colour Therapy are air conditioning, white mirror covers, white wheel covers, a Ďpoolballí design gear knob and specific key cover."

I think the accessories would be great on US models, if we can get them here. I love the wheel covers, the white antenna, and the colored gear knob that matches the paint. The gear knob alone would be awesome for the cars in the same colors in the US, red, yellow, mocha latte. The white antenna could be a neat accent on white cars. Or maybe on the Abarths with white wheels/stripes/mirror covers.