View Full Version : Epiphany: 500L Rental

06-26-2013, 05:40 AM
I may have had this epiphany previously. Heh.

I was reading this article yesterday from Consumer Reports about the delay in requiring all new cars to have a back up camera:

And they heartily recommend choosing a new car with a camera for safety. After watching the short video, it becomes apparent why, with the Chevy Avalanche pickup having a blind spot of 50 feet behind it. Yes, 50 feet.

The 500L would be a GREAT rental car. Or a Zipcar/shared car. I can see fleets of Easy models available. Both the current 5-seat model and the future 7-seat model.

Back-up camera, plus the sound alert, plus lots of window space, should make for a top choice when it comes to renting a vehicle that is easy to use. Plenty of room in the back seat. Glass roof or sunroof a possible option for rentals. With the solid glass roof, no chance of anyone accidentally leaving the sunroof open and having it rain inside the car (is the solid glass roof an option in the US?).

It's less expensive than the Prius (Prius 3 has back up camera $24,995), which doesn't have much for rear visibility at all. And yet the Prius is the vehicle I see most often as a Zipcar. Wouldn't everyone rather be driving a 500L? :wink:

06-26-2013, 09:23 AM
They will probably be available. The 500 Pop and Sport are available pretty easily as rentals.