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06-24-2013, 07:37 PM
" After a day with the newcomer during the introduction here, my driving partner and I came to refer to it as a mini-wagon.

Neither of us is anywhere near svelte, quite the opposite, yet both could sit in the rear comfortably with plenty of room above our heads and in front of our knees more than in sub-compact and even compact cars closer to the space of a mid-size car."


06-24-2013, 09:03 PM
It's looking more, and more like Fiat has learned a lesson, or two over the intervening 30 years or so since they left the US, and it shows in a quality, well built, and thought out product.

This was indeed another great review.

06-25-2013, 11:53 AM
I'm thinking Chrysler may have had a lot to do with it, in that the "small, wide" platform will be used on other models that are not Fiat branded.

Not that Fiat couldn't find plenty of uses for the small, wide platform within their own brand, but it makes sense to think of cross branding and what could possibly be used for many vehicles.

Funny thing in the review was this: "Fiat 500 attracted a whole new set of customers to Chrysler, full 84 per cent of them have never owned a Chrysler product!"

I've never owned a Chrysler product. There were no small cars that appealed to me in the line-up. Chrysler seemed to be full of "guy cars". Challengers and Chargers and Ram Trucks and Jeeps. None of which are gas sippers.

All the more reason to have a "small, wide" vehicle mixed in that will appeal to a larger audience. I wouldn't put any of the mentioned vehicles into a "family car" category. Well, maybe some of the long four door Jeeps. But those Jeeps don't have the same appeal as the 500L. To me, anyway.

Thinking more about the small, wide platform, how exciting is it to think of other vehicles with real rear seat leg room? And wondering what can be created with a little sheet metal here, an engine over there, and then...



On a smaller, more affordable scale. A little bit more boxy in the front and rear, more upright windshield, etc. This can be done on the standard platform and the extended length version. I think the vehicle could be luxed up, which would appeal to some.

They have different trim levels, with optional 4wd:

The lowest price model on the small, wide platform could easily come in around 30,000. Half the price of the Escalade. With better mpg. The vehicle doesn't have to be big to be big inside, as we're seeing with the 500L.

06-26-2013, 09:34 AM
Dodge's Dart is the only one I would have considered. The turbo SRT or SXT or whatever.
And only because
1) it does not look like a rental car in high spec
2) it comes with a chassis widely accepted as, at its worst entertaining
3) it comes with a proper manual transmission, not a box filled with rocks and a twig sticking out the top
4) it isn't terribly expensive

FIAT's influence will give us both competent new vehicles for their segment, such as the 500L, while influence other product lines in subtle, yet positive ways.