View Full Version : Assetto Corse Hood pin install how-to.

06-17-2013, 12:49 PM
Hey Guys, This install is not bad at all!, Just take your time.
This job is all about precision. sorry the some the pictures are crummy.

Heres what you get. Throw away the little screw clips, you wont/cant use them.

If you pop your hood you will see marks where the stock hood bumpers sit.
you want to drill right in the center.
Get a punch and make a dimple, then get out the drill,
We used a shop vac to suck up the shavings.

paint the freshly drilled holes.

Now, Take off your stock hood bumpers, they easily unscrew.
Drill through the stock bumpers. you will need them to get your angles perfect as well as reusing them again as your bumpers.

Take your punch and stick it through the freshly drilled stock bumper.

Screw the bumper back in with the punch in it.
get a hammer and get it some firm but gentle whacks,

Make your pilot hole, - Make sure your on the dimple you made.

Used a step drill bit to bring up the holes to size.


Installed pin with stock drilled bumpers installed over them, (they have to be cut down a bit.)

there is a small bit of tweaking at this point when you install the top pin portion,
there may be some small clearance adjustments and pin adjustments.

When done correctly, when you flip the rings and pull the pin out it should have a nice oem style pop.
Opening and closing the hood is super smooth.

When you close the hood you want to set it up so you have apply a little pressure to
get the pin to go thru the hole. Nice smooth positive engagement.

Finished product.


06-17-2013, 01:43 PM
This is very cool...