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  1. 500L shifting problems
  2. computer problems in new car?
  3. Flashing / Blinking Auto Door Lock Light
  4. Trouble with 500L Bluetooth??
  5. Trekking 500L Issues - Fog Lamps and Gas Gauge
  6. Check engine light twice now
  7. Fiat 500L TSB - Satellite Radio Button Doesn't Work
  8. AM/PM Date resetting on the computer randomly
  9. Fiat 500L TSB 18-030-13- Transmission Temperature Warning Lamp ON
  10. 500L MultiAir Kaput
  11. Hard starting issue
  12. Rear seat belts problem
  13. New Fiat 500L TSB Out
  14. Sunroof Problem
  15. Rattle/Creak from inside
  16. MIL came on ...sad
  17. Check Engine Light Came On, Madness Ensues!
  18. Will gear shift knob from Dodge Dart II fit 500L six speed manual?
  19. Defective Throttle Body
  20. Rotational metal-on-metal scraping sound at 2K miles
  21. Oil in intake
  22. Radio Cracks or Crackles Randomly. Anybody Else?
  23. 500L problems
  24. quack quack coming from somewhere??
  25. Air filter change out
  26. Grinding noise and clutch burn smell when reversing uphill
  27. 6.5 radio changing stations
  28. 500L Euro Twin Clutch won't shift in gears
  29. Fiat 500L aftermarket intakes
  30. Screen shakes
  31. Books on "Tape" (memory stick)
  32. 500 L euro transmission locked up after trip
  33. 500L Transmission Problems
  34. Sub zero temps
  35. Strange start issue
  36. Newest issue - check engine light is on
  37. Starting to regret this purchase...
  38. Add me to 500L Transmission error
  39. HELP !! search headlight for FIAT 500L - 1 set
  40. Cold no start condition (again)
  41. Just Bought a 500L Trekking -- a week later it doesn't work
  42. dead battery woes
  43. Car wouldn't start - Bad Key
  44. 500L shifter stuck in park with cold start
  45. Complaints with NHTSA on 500L Transmission
  46. Engine block heater?
  47. Windshield
  48. 500L Dead Battery
  49. Weak battery?
  50. Front axle issue
  51. Fiat 500L Recall Notice
  52. Fiat Recalls 2014 500L Models for Faulty Transmission Software
  53. Does your 500L has the same problem as mine....
  54. Parts Availability
  55. Fiat 500L TSB 18-017-14- Improved Engine Starting and Performance
  56. Anyone have this issue?
  57. FYI - Driver door handle sticking? Here is the answer
  58. Battery issue?
  59. Didn't go into drive after backing up on a hill
  60. Trip meter vs speedometer?
  61. RBDS not operational in radio
  62. 500L Wheel Covers
  63. 500L with 6-speed manual - shifter moves by itself in 6th gear?
  64. Intermittent Cruise Control
  65. Turn Signal Sticks?
  66. Never ending issues with 500L
  67. Temperature Display
  68. Stock speakers
  69. Name That Sound
  70. Reverse camera video skipping after tlast visit to shop
  71. humming sound when I begin to accelerate.
  72. Grinding noise when in reverse
  73. Room for improvement
  74. 500L Battery problems.
  75. Oil pressure warning light issue with studio
  76. 500L real world MPG - city milage great, highway a disappointment
  77. Radio keeps reloading software
  78. 500L acceleration
  79. Strange sound coming from the front of my 500l
  80. Sensitive Brakes
  81. Poor Customer Support
  82. Fiat replaces Quality Chief
  83. Key keeps unlinking
  84. "Excessive Radiator fluid temp"?
  85. Tire Deflation in Cold Weather
  86. Back camera disapeared
  87. 2014 FIAT 500L DDCT Problems vs. Manufacture date
  88. Transmission & airbag recall completed
  89. SD card and USB not working
  90. 500L Steering Wheel sticks
  91. 2014 500L 6 mos old - Fiat replacing transmission
  92. Do you Rev-Match when downshifting on Manual 6-Speed on 500L?
  93. Oil Change
  94. theft detection code
  95. On the 4th transmission
  96. 500L not starting
  97. Airbag Recall
  98. Seriously???
  99. 500L Engine Fluttering
  100. Yet another transmission issue...
  101. Fiat does NOT have part that I need listed!!! Dealer cant fix!
  102. Someone shoot my car please
  103. Thoughts on extended warranty?
  104. Brake Fluid Replace Every Two Years
  105. Manual Transmission, groan in reverse on an incline
  106. Check eng.: clutch switch
  107. capless fuel door problem
  108. odd behavior on a/c and recirculation in 2014 500L
  109. Sequence of songs while playing from SD card
  110. Checking for Tire pressure, oil life, and... What is speed lock?
  111. 500L Clutch overheated???
  112. Where are the Horns in 2014 500L Trek Eng compartment?
  113. Anyone know where to get a Shift Handle Extender for 14 - 500L Manual TRANS?
  114. Devastated due to broken 2014 500L HELP!
  115. Rear camera
  116. Weird tire issues, backup cam stuttering, terrible satellite radio reception
  117. Fiat 500L 9000 miles manual shifting weird.
  118. Fiat 500L Manual Reverse Groan: Possible solution?
  119. Key fob battery replacement
  120. Windshield
  121. Better Head Lights for 500L?
  122. Full blast AC blower on startup
  123. I hate to be a complainer......
  124. Fiat 500L Intermittent Battery Drain Bulletin
  125. Back seat not folding forward
  126. Blown Tranny!!!
  127. Blown Clutch Pack?
  128. 2014 Fiat 500 L 1.4 litre turbo [Trekking]
  129. USB port to charge? Any backup camera stuttering updates? Bluetooth flaky?
  130. 500L Lemon Law - DDCT Transmission
  131. Anyone else have a display shatter with finger pressure alone?
  132. 500L First Oil Change?
  133. Child Entrapment - Possible Door Lock Weakness
  134. Heat blowing cold a/c air ?
  135. Scan Tool or Software
  136. 2014 500L dct issues
  137. Warranty Questions/ Concerns.
  138. Sirius XM Issues.
  139. 500L low oil pressure light, does it come on along with change oil message?
  140. 500L Rear Wiper oh no!
  141. We'll see where this goes....
  142. Trip "B" indicator
  143. Weak Battery causing issues with DDCT?
  144. Anyone else going thru windshields on the 500L
  145. Poor fuel economy
  146. Gas or Fuel Lock - Can't pump gas into 500L
  147. I'm On My 3rd Transmission
  148. Revving motor issue. Dead pedal
  149. Automatic transmision adding power
  150. Navigation map update
  151. No air flow through one dash vent
  152. 2012 issues
  153. USB does not 'see' thumbdrive
  154. SD Card Issues, randomly drops SD and returns to radio
  155. 500L trekk., rattling
  156. CEL with GoPedal
  157. Transmission issues error code P1CB1?
  158. Code P0299
  159. Driver Side headlight won't turn on, light bulb is good, HELP
  160. Gas Mileage grossly overstated
  161. Dashboard Warning Lights / Wiring Harness
  162. I May Need a 4th Transmission Replacement on my 2014 500L with less than 30K Miles
  163. Bad manual trans bearings from the factory!!
  164. 500L PCM on 2 1/2 month backorder?!?
  165. Oil level has increased
  166. Muffler deleted...now I have a CEL?
  167. Number Plate Bulb Warning Won't Go Away - 2014, 500L, Lounge
  168. Transmission woes at 10k miles on the clock
  169. Clunking coming from right front wheel - 2014 Fiat 500L Lounge
  170. Clunking Noise Related to Speed/Wheels
  171. Heat vents issue again
  172. Antifreeze - Engine Specific for 2015 Fiat 500L 1.4LTurbo-gasoline
  173. Problem with 500L
  174. 500L trekking exterior moldings
  175. Check "stop light" message
  176. Actuator Hose Issue
  177. Another DDCT question and problem
  178. Dripping from a tube passenger rear side
  179. Power Steering Cutting Out
  180. My fiat sounds like a crotch rocket!
  181. FCA Notified me on a new Recall T19 - Flash PCM Software
  182. rear window wiper stopped working
  183. If cost was same would you buy a loaded "L" or "X" USA models
  184. Brand of OEM timing belt?
  185. 5W-40 or 0w-40.? Motor oil
  186. High milage "L" models w/Aisian 6 speed auto
  187. wheel bearing and water pump failure
  188. If updates are required-can dealer do without service work?
  189. Ground location
  190. Low/No Boost at random?
  191. Grinding noise from front passenger wheel
  192. FCA “cares”...their steps to n
  193. New engine
  194. Brand new L with electrical gremlin from Day 1
  195. FCA Recall# T19
  196. Esc issue or normal?
  197. Heat vent, again, 3rd time
  198. Noise from instrument panel
  199. Transmission replacement
  200. '15 Heater Issues
  201. Crazy lights
  202. Burning smell & smoke from transmission
  203. Side mirror fell off
  204. 2014 500L Turbocharger/Running Issue
  205. 500L M/T getting harder to shift?
  206. Customer Service tells me: not even "Sergio Marchionne" will help you
  207. Auto-Shifter magnet clip
  208. Check engine light
  209. Fuse?
  210. Air on full blast, won't turn off
  211. 2017 500L Whining Noise
  212. Sun Roof Shade
  213. 500L Blown engine-out of warranty!
  214. Erasing USB Card directory
  215. 500L Trekking paint code for mouldings?
  216. Evic edit help.
  217. Int. Led lights=CEL
  218. Engine failure out of warranty at 27K miles
  219. 2014 500L DDCT Shifting issue
  220. fuse cavity info incorrect
  221. Oil in spark plug well - bad service -
  222. Weird Issue While Driving
  223. Weird tire wear
  224. 2014 500L power loss with no check engine light
  225. Collision sensor location
  226. Not blowing air anymore (hot or cold)
  227. Considering purchasing 2014 Fiat 500L Trekk w/ manual transmission ... 98,000 miles
  228. turning-corner lights
  229. Ever heard THIS before?
  230. 2015 500L Aisin 6 speed Auto Transmission fill procedure
  231. Warning Fiat roadside assistance won't jumpstart, they only tow
  232. Error code: P1CEA
  233. 2015 500L alarm going off
  234. P0073 / U110E code 2014 Fiat 500L
  235. 2014 500l trekking transmission in and out while driving
  236. Trunk will not open
  237. Stubborn wheel bolts
  238. OBD won't connect
  239. Fog lights acting weird?
  240. Driver assist issues
  241. Burned oil smell
  242. electric issue
  243. 2014 500L Transmission failure
  244. Help: 2015 Fiat 500L crankshaft position sensor
  245. radio memory
  246. 2014 500L w/ 135k mi (engine whine)
  247. Vacuum and afr issues
  248. Lean running cylinder
  249. Really need some help from you guys
  250. Oil in spark plug tube