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  1. RPM Gauge Sporadic
  2. Abarth shift up lights not working.
  3. Post for Minor Issues
  4. Engine sluggish and check engine light on after 1400 miles
  5. Check engine light with less than 500 miles
  6. Resolution to sluggish acceleration and hissing noise
  7. How well do your exhaust tips line up?
  8. What do almost totaling my Fiat Abarth and low Turbo boost have in common?
  9. Tinting sun-roof Warranty question
  10. whistle sound on fifth gear
  11. Flimsy, cracking, squeaking Armrest
  12. I hate the key fob
  13. Check engine light at 300km
  14. Check engine light at 300km
  15. TomTom and Blue&Me
  16. Purge Valve #2
  17. Early problems with the car
  18. 2nd Gear Synchro
  19. Paint failure/flaw
  20. Got Check Engine light at first 50 miles
  21. issues with shifting into reverse
  22. Rust spots?
  23. Leather seats question/problem
  24. EVIC display backlights
  25. New Abarth, Old problems?
  26. Name That Broken Interior Piece...! :-)
  27. A Challenge to ALL Abarth forum members
  28. 5 day old Abarth... 6 days in shop and counting....
  29. Problems after problems
  30. Multiple Cylinder Misfire
  31. Check your cv boot!!!!
  32. Seat Problems
  33. Fuel Guage Level
  34. Unscientific Abarth Initial Quality Survey
  35. Beware of Paper thin leather seats
  36. Anybody know what this is please?
  37. Went over a semi hard bump and now I'm hearing clunks.
  38. side skirts coming off...
  39. Bad Gas
  40. Rear wiper issue
  41. Firmware updates
  42. ESC and ABS lights on
  43. 1972 Fiat 500 seat belt issue
  44. oil change - watch that O-ring!
  45. Odd ECU issue this past weekend
  46. Abarth died on startup and now CEL on......
  47. To all the R.I.P.s Abarths.
  48. Wheel lug torque values
  49. Abarth go boom!
  50. Hood Latch Not Working
  51. Torque wiggle in shifter?
  52. Oil (?) Leak
  53. Flashed All The Time
  54. Auto Temperature Control
  55. High Beam Noise/Whistle noise
  56. Paint Chipping above Emblem
  57. Generic warning light on
  58. Separating side skirts Thread.
  59. having trouble putting it into 1st gear
  60. Gas mileage concern!!!
  61. Paint too soft - 2 chips in the nose in 2 weeks!.
  62. iPhone 5
  63. Stuck on repeat?
  64. Loose ebrake handle?
  65. Loose Intercooler Bracket (Passenger Side)
  66. Question on 2013 Abarth reliability
  67. AC Died?
  68. Shuffle only?!
  69. So I curbed my 17" Hyper Blacks.. Who has a good paint finish touch up color?
  70. Hideing the key
  71. TPMS light won't go off
  72. Tail pipes uneven??
  73. Electic Pump Sound Gone After Engine Shut Off
  74. odometer flashing and turbo boost
  75. Now that I have my car; Dealer RANT
  76. Shifting issue
  77. Engine Break-In Recommendations
  78. My 2013 has a coolant leak. Grrrr!
  79. Part wanted - single stock 16" wheel
  80. Loose Body Panels
  81. 2013 Abarth side skirt separation?
  82. Tom Tom has an intermittent connection to Blue&Me
  83. Check engine
  84. For Abarth Cabrio, precisely what color is "Rosso"
  85. Rattling Noise from Driver Side Window
  86. Advice, info needed
  87. Passenger-side exhaust droop
  88. Check Engine Light = Misfire
  89. Clunking and snapping noises in front end
  90. leather seat owners...
  91. 4th gear issue
  92. Transmission issue
  93. Broken hood release!
  94. Natural Blues
  95. The Passenger Seat Adjustment
  96. Abarth feels Slugish After I recieved the car back from the Dealer.
  97. 2013 Owners: What is your Max Boost?
  98. Rust behind front wheels...
  99. 7800 miles and interior buzzing
  100. Abarth Oil Consumption? (Oil Level)
  101. Passenger seat back angle
  102. Brakes squealing... Anyone else hearing this?
  103. Power steering intermittent failure
  104. Are issues fixed for 2013??
  105. Fiat 500 Pop right rear tire wear.
  106. mirror piece fell off
  107. Left-Foot Braking Causing "Limp Mode?"
  108. Having a MINI flash back.
  109. First Oil Change
  110. 2013 Abarth - Trip meter reading more than odometer
  111. Powered by badge not fully sticking
  112. What voids warranties???
  113. Just found out something very frustrating!!
  114. factory service manual?
  115. TPMS - Actual Tire psi Readings
  116. Stock 17s Tight Fit?!
  117. Anthracite Wheel touch-up paint?
  118. Anyone else find it notchy getting into 1st in traffic? - Throw out Bearing noise.
  119. Oh Noes! CEL came on!
  120. Anyone have a problem with their brakes?
  121. Check engine light just came on.
  122. Is this turbo lag or a problem?
  123. 2012 Bose radio head
  124. Creaky suspension!
  125. Window Washers front/back
  126. Hearing a Clanking sound.
  127. How's your hood/fender gap?
  128. Radio Head Unit Paint chipping
  129. Hesitation after cold start
  130. Shift Knob Visually Shaking/Vibrating (Cravenspeed SS & Knob)
  131. Engine Cover
  132. A little bummed by audio issues
  133. Argghh CEL.
  134. 17" Hyperblack Wheel Center Cap and A-Pillar Warped
  135. Warranty question
  136. Hyper Black touch up paint?
  137. So, anybody else's transmission leaking? How about coolant reservoir leaks?
  138. Issue plagued Abarth , and now Sport sold. Thank goodness
  139. FR-S onwer considering buying an Abarth
  140. Problem with new flashing third brake light....
  141. Not sure if this is supposed to happen?
  142. 1500 mi. Check Engine Light - Warranty Work - Evaporative System Leak -- P0456
  143. Squeak from right front tire ???
  144. Craven Short Shifter Came Loose While Driving
  145. 2013 Abarth Cabriolet TPMS Malfunction
  146. 2nd gear and up either low rpm or high pulls, rattle from dash area
  147. Leather Seats
  148. Check engine P0922 low boost
  149. Abarth problem. Help.
  150. Modding Your Car - Not for the Faint of Heart. RESEARCH and PLAN
  151. Removing Rear Diffuser
  152. Digital and analog speedos don't match
  153. Abarth Tire Noise
  154. PCM trouble
  155. Transmission syncros or something else? What's wrong?
  156. Engine light keeps coming on, Coolant circuit 1
  157. Piece of Styrofoam of hid bulb fall into the engine!
  158. License plate light
  159. Abarth pulls to the left in sport mode.
  160. My apologies...
  161. ESC malfunction light
  162. Code System Warning light
  163. Bad build quality, flaw!
  164. Hopefully someone can give some guidance
  165. Sunroof exploded like an IED!!
  166. Belt/Pulley Squeal
  167. Am i hurting my car?
  168. Overheating and Check engine light.
  169. Cabrio Speed Governor
  170. Some trouble starting the car
  171. Knocking Sound Coming from Right Rear Suspension
  172. Winter tires
  173. Ok Fiat, please don't go down this road. This could be a turning point.
  174. Abarth brake pad dusting
  175. Car Boggs down o.O
  176. CEL - P0300 misfire issue
  177. Abarth cannot read my Galaxy S4
  178. My Abarth has the hiccups
  179. Transmission noise
  180. What is this part
  181. Front Brake Caliper bolt torque spec?
  182. Blue and me won't hold phone data
  183. Headlights and Radio USB Issue?
  184. Flashing red throttle light
  185. Anyone seen this? Driver customizable options not working.
  186. SHift Indicator Bezel, Need a part number.
  187. TPMS Unavailable Message
  188. Oil Change 3 months ago, down 1/2 a liter
  189. Passenger window went POP! and sank into door frame
  190. Steering Wheel Off Center?
  191. Alignment done Caster Out of Spec - dealer says its not adjustable
  192. First gear grinding/vibrating
  193. shifter flops around while in gear
  194. Side Windows Issues
  195. DRL Error
  196. Vapor Canister Rattling
  197. A few problems
  198. Huge Cupping Problem!
  199. Random drop in boost.
  200. MM P2262 Boost Issue
  201. Chipping Paint on Roof
  202. Overboosting issues.
  203. Car Cover for ABARTH 500C ?
  204. Check Engine Light comes on Turbo will not go above 6psi
  205. Anyone else experience this issue?
  206. Big Daddies Mini Cel Cat O2 Sensor Spacer
  207. 99% sure on abarth but options needed.
  208. Options for OEM Lug Bolts
  209. Driver seat squeak, door rattle and hatch issue
  210. Cel p0299
  211. Ac vertical/horizontal adjustment lever fell off.
  212. Creaking noise, right rear
  213. Winning a car has become a nightmare.
  214. Oil Problems? Again?!
  215. Torque specs for oil feed/return line banjo bolts
  216. Tired of crappy lug bolt caps deforming...
  217. Venting/spitting.
  218. Rough shift into reverse
  219. Coolant Leak?
  220. Flashing Odometer
  221. Shifter position
  222. Lights and condensation
  223. Upsetting
  224. Spark Plug Torque Specs
  225. Car shudders when accelerating in 1st gear....
  226. Squeaking
  227. Seat warmer is not warming
  228. Any ECU updates post 4/13 for Abarth?
  229. Low boost with piggyback ECUs installed after reflash?
  230. Abarth no start. Flooded
  231. sagging rear bumper
  232. MIssing Starter Bolt....
  233. P2261 Code Thrown
  234. What the heck
  235. Blower motor not working
  236. Anyone else notice the glass fogs incredibly easy?
  237. Stock wipers scratching?
  238. slipping feet on pedals
  239. Excessive oil in intake/turbo
  240. CEL: P2175 thrown this morning
  241. P0172 cel
  242. tire pressure
  243. sticking brakes at startup
  244. blow by at 8000 miles!!!!!
  245. 2012 abarth front end noise
  246. Squeek/Rattle/Creak from vents
  247. "Rattling" noise when letting off the clutch in 1st
  248. Shifter doesn't properly go in reverse
  249. Car Doesn't Start... Right Away
  250. FYI-Front and rear seat belt buckles are different