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  1. 2015 rattles in driver side doors
  2. Is this covered under warranty?
  3. Possible oil leak?
  4. Boost pressure peaks at 6 psi, stored code P0299
  5. Turn Signal Lever Sometimes Hard to Use
  6. 2015 Abarth p0069 to p0172
  7. 36k new used. oil in pass side spark plug tube
  8. Breathing? (weird sound)
  9. Light fogging on windshield
  10. Question about key fob
  11. 2015 instrument cluster ?
  12. 2015 Abarth Front Bumper Clear coat issue.
  13. Quick gearbox related question for you guys!
  14. Boost in range but low code?
  15. how can I get rid of P1CEA CEL code?
  16. New owner issues at 4000 miles
  17. Attended The Colorado Mile at Front Range Airport...Very disappointing performance.
  18. Hesitation after mods
  19. Please please please help !!!!rrm ecu problem please read
  20. New owner of 2013 Abarth. Looking for simple answers
  21. CEL + ETC lights after dealer updated PCM
  22. Leather seat lumps
  23. Metallic squeak
  24. Electric mirrors not working
  25. FIX!!! Dash AC line vibration rattling buzzing
  26. I need a new ENGINE?!?!
  27. Blue & Me Issues
  28. Trans and turbo questions
  29. 49,013 Miles, White Smoke on Start-Up!?!
  30. 2015 Abarth Instrument Cluster Startup Cycle
  31. Check engine light flashes after hard driving
  32. try/tried 0W-40 oil ???
  33. Cover
  34. Engine misfires ONLY when cold
  35. Multiair Issue?
  36. All music sources (AUX/BT/USB) dead with no output. Arghhhhhhh.
  37. Quart of oil every 1000 miles?
  38. Cabrio Spoiler Issue/Warping
  39. Loud metal to metal popping/clunk, driver's side, front wheel area
  40. Officially had enough with Fiat
  41. 2 more minor issues
  42. AC Noise
  43. Stiff Manual Shifter
  44. Blue & Me not reading sms Text
  45. USB vs Aux (Ipod vs Bluetooth adapter)
  46. Oil Consumption??
  47. Moisture in Tail light
  48. How is the front Abarth badge affixed?
  49. Dealer use "glue" to attach side skirt... I am upset
  50. Ugh WTF why is my luck so bad?
  51. Walking all over the road now?
  52. Fiat Roadside Assistance is so NOT helpful
  53. 2013 Abarth struggles to start. lemon?
  54. Moisture how in drives side footwel
  55. Day Running Lights - Abarth 2015
  56. Is there a limit to the # of oil changes included in maint. agreement?
  57. Second time emergency brake has frozen
  58. So, did I hurt it? [Aggressively stalled the poor thing on accident]
  59. Abarth Engine Troubles
  60. Coolant line on the top of coolant tank leaking
  61. Bad Warranty/Paint Work, Don't Know What to Do
  62. Difficulty in filling gas tank
  63. Abarth limp mode?
  64. Door Panel Trim- screw cover
  65. Aftermarket lug nuts recommendation.
  66. Fuel Light and Service engine light
  67. Engine sound normal?
  68. Annoying Clicking Sound
  69. misfiring cylinder 3
  70. Annoying Front End Knocking Sound
  71. Noise/Rattle
  72. Door Rattles?
  73. Dash (possible AC) chirp
  74. Engine Stutters
  75. Nosy Front suspension. (Not jounce bumpers)
  76. Abarth 500 Esseesse Turbo problem
  77. 2015 threw a CEL today
  78. Underboost/Limp mode as a safety mechanism?
  79. sides skirts coming off issue.
  80. Poor Gas Mileage
  81. Evap code thrown
  82. Wondering??? REV Limit??
  83. Downpipe leak
  84. 50319 miles and finnaly get the P0299 issue to dealer
  85. Do I have a Lemon??
  86. 2013 abarth won't start
  87. VERY disheartening... Hey FiatCares!
  88. automatic climate ontrol
  89. Blue&me Android phone problems...?
  90. Broken navigation cradle input
  91. Transmission plug?
  92. 2013 ABARTH: New battery covered by warranty!
  93. 2014 Shift Cable Broken on Abarth
  94. Separating Rear Hub from Twist beam
  95. CEL + Hill Holder & ESC Service message
  96. Catastrophic engine failure
  97. Recalls or other TSB's
  98. Sunroof support piece?
  99. Sticky shifter
  100. New design driver-side seat recliner release cable module making creaking noise
  101. First week and 6 issues
  102. Passenger Door Weatherstrip & headliner
  103. Driver side window noise when putting it down
  104. Premature Turbo Failure on early models
  105. No permanent fix for intermediate steering shaft problem?!
  106. Steps to prevent heat soak (should be sticky IMHO)
  107. #1 O2 Sensor Pin out
  108. Armrest sag
  109. Frame buzz squeak rattle
  110. Hesitation in first gear?
  111. Sunscreen on plastic interior door panels.
  112. rough start with code p0659
  113. Do Fiats ever NOT squeak and rattle?
  114. Dealer Replaced Engine Head and Failed to Refill Oil
  115. New turbo, now I got too much boost.
  116. Going "crazy" - Alert lights and driving bad
  117. Rear Spoiler split/crack...covered under warranty?
  118. Clutch drops to the Floor!
  119. Prospective Buyer 2013 Abarth White on White - 3rd gear and Oil Leak
  120. DRL Bulb Issues
  121. A/C Going out on 2015 Abarth any others with this problem
  122. Central Locking Problem
  123. Issue: people not driving... Concern: DEATH
  124. 2013 Abarth - Gearbox Issues and Light on Dash
  125. Possible Hill Assist problem
  126. Abarth manual shifter becoming stiff with humidity
  127. 12k miles, engine violently shaking
  128. RRM intake rubbed a hole in this hose - what is it, and what are the implications
  129. low compression oi consumption white blueish smoke
  130. Grinding when shifting to reverse
  131. Suspected failed wheel bearing?
  132. 2015 Abarth Blue and Me, Tomtom, and why I am seriously not buying another Fiat
  133. Engine Oil Dipstick
  134. service expired warning
  135. Help with Leaks
  136. Stick shift just snapped
  137. Dealership Issues
  138. Rattle Inside some where??
  139. Ambient temperature reading wrong
  140. Strut replaced
  141. CV Axles Replaced
  142. any issues with lowering springs w/ stock struts?
  143. 1st gear help!
  144. Coolant Drip
  145. Fuel Starvation
  146. Smog monitors reset when car turns off
  147. Aisin automatic transmission in 500 Abarth
  148. I believe my ECU is toast, due to a naive wiring mistake, and need your opinions...
  149. Squeaking Front Suspension
  150. P0315 crankshaft position variation not learned - anyone know how to redo calibration
  151. Timing issue, maybe?
  152. Blue and Me issues on my 2014 Fiat Abarth
  153. No start issues (starter clicks)
  154. Abarth sounds like a Subaru + backfire
  155. WI Owners **Avoid Schlossman's Dodge/Fiat At all costs**
  156. Hood Stuck
  157. Defective Wastegate Solenoid Assembly (Symptoms & Solutions)
  158. Ignition issues - 2012 Abarth
  159. Engine running rough and limp mode
  160. whining noise when on gas higher gears
  161. 2015 fiat 500 abarth LED DRL flickering
  162. Limp mode from uphill acceleration?
  163. Sidemarkers function randomly?
  164. whining noise after engine stopped
  165. Airbag Light
  166. Progression of paint chipping above emblem
  167. How long should coils last?
  168. Rear bumper skin to panel separation?
  169. Bunch of issues all one night!
  170. Read Door Leak
  171. MM ecu install car's running like $h!+
  172. Turbo Cuts out at 87 MPH
  173. approaching 75k miles. things to watch out for or preventative steps to take?
  174. Engine Blew Out Bunch Of Smoke Major Problem?
  175. Tire noise/wear
  176. Subtle clunk when turning steering wheel side to side?
  177. Boost Limited to 6psi
  178. Engine Light popped low boost
  179. Any known issues with 2017's
  180. Window off track. Where to get Clips?
  181. Abarth clucth concern
  182. Drivers Side Tailight is foggy
  183. spark plugs
  184. Steering Clunk
  185. '16 500 abarth ignition start issue
  186. Need Help Identifying Part
  187. P2096 code?
  188. Rear wiper
  189. Uni-Chip CEL / DTC Codes Coming Up
  190. Boost issues
  191. Should I get an Extended Warranty for my Fiat Abarth from 2012?
  192. Sport mode on 2015 Abarth
  193. Speed limit exceeded
  194. Wet floor = AC drain not hooked up
  195. Radio Issues
  196. Shopping and Buying Advice
  197. Dealer wont replace it
  198. My Abarth Blew up Twice! and the Dealership is Getting Away with It!!!!
  199. ECU part number
  200. P106 A, P106 C, Oil
  201. CEL today, will not boost over 5 psi, thoughts?
  202. Wheel Bearing Failure @32k
  203. P0120 P0220 Code CEL ESP ASR in my 2010 Essesse Abarth
  204. Door handle came off
  205. Boost Leak Tester recommendations and hesitation/stutter question
  206. P0172 System Too Rich (Bank 1)
  207. P2261 help!!!
  208. Abarth 500C Esseesse 2012 MTA problem
  209. Pulling right
  210. Key won't turn anymore... steering wheel isn't locked
  211. R front turn signal warning, but bulb works....
  212. Driver side tail light, "running light" not working, no voltage? Brake light works
  213. Blowing fuse when using air compressor (not the one that comes with the car)
  214. Fiat 500 Abarth 2012 - no start - Where is the starter relay?
  215. Turbo PSI Gauge - light?
  216. What is the turbo supposed to sound like? Turbo unhealthy?
  217. P0456 Evap small leak issue
  218. Cabrio (2013) Trunk Light Stays On
  219. P0105, P0069, P2175 Codes and Rough Running
  220. Spare Tire Plan
  221. Transmission Noise: Need Advice
  222. wobble low rpm acceleration only
  223. Trying to understand MIL set conditions
  224. replaced transmission oil - no more whine.
  225. Boost Issue?
  226. Exhaust smell in cabin...anyone see a problem here?
  227. 2015 Abarth just threw P04DB CEL. Ideas?
  228. Coolant Hose Clamp Issues
  229. "SERVICE AIRBAG SYSTEM" Keeping ECM from a "ready state"
  230. Boost problem?
  231. Codes P2262 and P0420
  232. Abarth Electrical Problem - VIDEO LINK!
  233. Unresolved boost problem after 3 repair attempts
  234. Weird dash display in start and "service airbag system"
  235. Fuel Question
  236. Leaking Windshield Washer Fluid: Common Problem, Or Am I Just The Lucky One?
  237. 2013 Abarth 5spd transmission leak :( Where is the transmission vent?
  238. 13 Abarth not holding/bouncing boost in 2nd gear.
  239. I hate rattles...
  240. AC just quit - Please help!
  241. Slight sulfur, rotten egg smell when idling parked. Normal?
  242. Service airbag systen??!
  243. Starting Problem
  244. Odd AC issue. Is this "normal"
  245. Rich exhaust smell
  246. New-ish Abarth owner - a few questions
  247. Rearview mirror mount separating
  248. Acceleration Loss_'17 Fiat 500c Abarth
  249. Chips/Scratches found on intake turbine
  250. inconsistent boost problem