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  1. Arming your alarm from a distance?
  2. boost leaking??
  3. No Start This Morning
  4. Best phone to use with Bluetooth?
  5. Drivers door will not open
  6. Can someone Identify these bolts for me please?
  7. radio stopped working - right after I got it back from dealer
  8. iPhone stopped playing via USB
  9. Key fob remote range decreased
  10. Bringing the car in next week.
  11. Car goes limp
  12. just something minor i noticed about my car.. outside door handle
  13. Slow drivers side window?
  14. Blackberry Bold 9900 Won't Pair with Blue & ME
  15. MIL light came on today
  16. Passenger side HID light not working Abarth 2012
  17. Paint Issue
  18. tow points on 500 abarth
  19. cowel push clips
  20. Before I go back to the dealer.....
  21. Rear diffuser direct swap with turbo?
  22. car not turning over
  23. Kinda-sorta-almost-maybe shifter grinding when cold?
  24. Front right knocking noise
  25. Anyone have issues with coolant clamps? On my 5th visit to studio with leaks...
  26. Armrest
  27. General Warning Light (cooling pump after cars off?)
  28. Rear toe adjustment
  29. Can't get my wheels balenced.
  30. Reverse Gear Grind...
  31. Anyone else have crickets in their blower motor?
  32. Fiat of Lakeside - Macomb, Michigan
  33. Problem with Liftgate Release & Instrument Panel Lighting
  34. 1 year and 4 months at 23000 miles
  35. Never Before Seen Code
  36. Shift Adapter & Shift Shaft Leak. Are They Related?
  37. Coolant residue visible on top/side of recovery bottle
  38. Steering weight/feel difference between 16" and 17" wheels?
  39. At 600 miles, my A/C refrigerant has completely leaked out!
  40. I've totally had it with the stock shifter!
  41. Brake rotor and rock????
  42. Abarth Yearly sunroof servicing?
  43. Sunroof air dam, or a way to knock down the noise?
  44. Horn Sound Goes Limp
  45. SPORT mode problem / running rough?!
  46. weird noises from wheel
  47. Getting Gear into Reverse! Annoying!!!
  48. Broken Lower Steering Column Shroud #3
  49. 1 tech in a major metropolitan area...or how I'm REGRETTING buying a FIAT
  50. Misfire P0300
  51. Cracking tail lights?
  52. speedo reads low.....
  53. Won't boost over 11psi
  54. Steering chucking noise
  55. @#$%# Lugs
  56. Loss of Boost Pressure
  57. Driver's Side Window Rattle
  58. 500T Reving to 8000RPM!!? Video
  59. Clutch Noise "Ticking" - Normal??
  60. Quarter panel rust!!!!
  61. Idle
  62. No Steering Lock With Front End Knock Fix
  63. Correct FRAM air filter part number?
  64. transmission problems
  65. Loss of BOOOOST. Any Ideas?
  66. Auto Volume Adjust?
  67. Shoddy brakes and side skirts on my second Abarth...
  68. Brand new Abarth delilvered. Brake calipers have cheap touch up paint?
  69. 2 questions: Cruise control, and Range estimate
  70. After-Run Turbo coolant pump
  71. 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Complete Lemon
  72. Downpipe cel concern
  73. 1200 miles problems
  74. Shift linkage "sticking"
  75. Surge valve opening top of 3rd start of 4th
  76. I spoke too soon...CEL
  77. Window making noise.
  78. Vibration noise at 2700-3000 rpm...video...help please?
  79. Vents above radio no longer tilt up/down
  80. Does anybody know the part # for speedometer bezel
  81. Creaky clutch pedal?
  82. Windshield washer fluid leak (inside passenger legroom area)
  83. Check engine light
  84. Driver side window popping
  85. My final thoughts
  86. 2013 Abarth - Warranty work completed and turbo problem still persists
  87. P0300: Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
  88. Speedo Change to kph
  89. RRM Meth Kit
  90. Another Abarth with SS brake line installation problems. How to let Fiat know?
  91. Does anyone know what moparonline calls the boost solenoid ?
  92. Almost 30 days in service over 3 issues (lemon law)
  93. Boost surge/oscillation
  94. Check engine light on! P1MOK pending code???
  95. Have you been Stranded by your FIAT?
  96. Rust inside moonroof
  97. My car sounds like its about to lose its front right wheel or something nasty. help!
  98. Check engine light
  99. Front alignment
  100. Loud metal Clunking Sound After NeuF rear bar
  101. Noise in front end...2014 Abarth (under hard braking, shifting, lock to lock accel)
  102. metal clanking at 12 psi mark
  103. Driver's seat "movement/clicking" in left turns...
  104. Tramlining? Observations on different tires...
  105. Shift Knob Scratches
  106. Shifting difficulties.
  107. clutch gone…what do I do?
  108. TWM Short Shifter Problem
  109. Question about repair process for chipping front emblem paint
  110. 3k miles Abarth tough getting into 1st/2nd and limited power in 5th..
  111. Aftermarket Sway bar mystery
  112. Hood shape, fit
  113. Check Engine light ETC and ESC lights on
  114. Clutch better when warm?
  115. Need a little help with FIAT
  116. Rear Main Seal
  117. What are your Oil Temps?
  118. Abarth electronics went haywire
  119. Ran into some trouble swapping torsion bars...
  120. Clutch related noise
  121. Dry shifting/clutch
  122. How many stops have you made since you've gotten your Abarth? ;D
  123. Bad Battery At 12,900 MIles?
  124. Studder in low gears
  125. IPhone 6 and Blue&Me
  126. What happens when you hit a groundhog???
  127. How to adjust the 1.4l Abarth WasteGate
  128. Tow hook placement
  129. Clunk in steering
  130. Driver seat squeak fix!
  131. Turbo made low boost for 20 minutes then went back to normal
  132. Noise when starting car
  133. Motor cleaning or washing
  134. CEL P0106 Issue
  135. Anyone Experience a Gas Leak? Very Odd
  136. CEL P1df7
  137. 2012 Fiat Abarth engine knock/tick/clank ?
  138. Transmission leaking???
  139. Tire wear issue
  140. Oil in the intercooler pipes
  141. Rear hatch wiring harness
  142. Starting Problem Update (TSB 18-007-14 Rev. A)
  143. Clunking noise when starting
  144. car troubles
  145. Lights in manual heater controls
  146. lift off boost
  147. Fiat 500 Improved Starting Fix
  148. Transmission Failure
  149. Side skirt separation- Manufacturer defect or improperly trained mechanics?
  150. DTC Codes... What is the oil supply solenoid valve?
  151. First problem...
  152. Abarth winter woes..Ice chunks and underguards...195/45-16 makes car too low!
  153. Cricket noise coming from vent
  154. 80 mph warning beep
  155. Burning clutch smell
  156. High clutch petal
  157. 2015 ABARTH with Auto-Tran Engine Knock or ping after warming.
  158. I'm new... Lucky or cursed???
  159. Question...
  160. Weird electrical noise from the under the dash fuse box
  161. Noise after installing CAI and ECM question
  162. Running rough/Pending Code P0301
  163. Spark Plug tunnel filling with debris
  164. Fog Light Replacement? Do I have to remove bumper???
  165. Coolant temp to high turn off engine
  166. Crank - No Start
  167. 2013 Abarth Clutch
  168. Winter Turbo psi??? Only hitting 15 psi (stock gauge)
  169. Clutch pedal hits the floor!
  170. Need input
  171. P0303... NOT spark plug or coil pack
  172. Odd issue this morning...
  173. Popping noise??
  174. Engine knocking/exhaust something
  175. Backfire issue?
  176. Flashing odometer
  177. First oil change = broken hood release cable!
  178. Wobbly suspension noise
  179. got a new transmission!
  180. Clutch squeaking in first gear
  181. Plastic cover on underside of steering column - solutions?
  182. Is your shifter sometimes stubborn going into first?
  183. Cruise Boost/Vacuum
  184. ESC, Hill Assist, Antilock Breaks - Unavailable
  185. New Intake - Motor stumbling on Star Up
  186. Owner's manual
  187. Buzzing noise from around cabrio top buttons?
  188. MIL’s and Clearing codes
  189. Steering Clunk
  190. TPMS Issue since driving in the Rain Monday morning...
  191. Need a code cut key, where do I get one?
  192. Unichip acting weird
  193. RRM ultimate pro Ecm....12psi max boost
  194. Subwoofer not working
  195. Delay in engine startup.
  196. ECU connector tab not functioning...HELP
  197. Abarth C Roof to Trunk Seal
  198. Totally random loss of turbo boost pressure
  199. 2015 abarth engine blew a hole in the block
  200. Loss of Boost at high RPM
  201. Taking her in for first time on 3/26
  202. sport seat leather tear?
  203. Change in Max Boost? (totally stock)
  204. Faulty ECU?
  205. Ridiculous boost pressure!!!
  206. Clutch dead 20,000 miles
  207. Madness ECM makes my camshaft sensor go off
  208. depo boost gauge problem
  209. Abarth windscreen broken.
  210. New Abarth owner - reverse gear
  211. Hi Guys, sweet rant to follow... Problems with Hendrick Fiat Service Cary NC
  212. Loud ''CLUNCK'' when selecting hi-beam
  213. Why isthe milleage is flashing in the cluster????
  214. Beats Audio Sub not working
  215. Rear Wiper Washer Bottle Location
  216. 2013 Abarth - Shifter cable bushing fails at transmission
  217. 2015 firmeware update detuned?
  218. Mysterious revving
  219. wind noise/road noise on a 2015 Abarth Auto
  220. 2015 Air bag service warning light.@ 4k miles
  221. Has Any Abarth Owners Experienced Problems with Keyless Entry?
  222. P0299 CEL - can't clear the code
  223. Cracked stock intercooler, YAY!
  224. Display Not Showing Phone / Call Information
  225. Sport button no longer sporty?
  226. Stress or pillar dent appeared and got smaller based on heat anyone else have this?
  227. Zero Boost and VERY loud exhaust!
  228. Turbo cut-out
  229. Does Fiat really care if my rear axle isn't centered?
  230. A pair of problems, 1 interior-, 1 exterior-related....
  231. How to set ECIV to home as default
  232. possible blown motor
  233. insurance recommendation, mostly because of my Abarth's windshield
  234. engine over heat lamp and temp gage comes on then goes out within seconds
  235. Lost some gears. Shifter Broken.
  236. Ac compressor issues...
  237. UGH....this may make me trade the car...
  238. A few "quirks" with my Abarth. Anyone else?
  239. My gas mileage in my 2013 Abarth
  240. Car shut off - CEL with Flashing ETC
  241. cel came on yesterday and hasn't come back on
  242. 2013 Abarth engine start problem
  243. Car won't start
  244. ETC light(electronic Throttle control)
  245. Low oil pressure light and code
  246. Is this covered under warranty?
  247. First issue with the Abarth - Doors won't lock
  248. Uneven Rear Seats (near shelf)
  249. Is this the common steering column issue I've heard about?
  250. Paint Came off - Area between Windshield and Sunroof