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  1. Pop on shifting
  2. Weird whine when hitting boost
  3. Blown turbo :(
  4. Thinking of Adding a The SILA Concepts RAM AIR Intake System
  5. I need some mod suggestions on a 2014 500c GQ Cabrio Abarth
  6. Has anyone here tried out My Genius Handheld Programmer?
  7. Is it really 230+ HP ???
  8. Reputable Fiat repair shops in Northern Virginia
  9. Turbo oil line pic or answer needed...
  10. Differences between the Tork or E+D ECU flashes?
  11. Go Pedal vs. Madness ECM question
  12. Sila Concepts Ram Air Intake - PVC Hose Solution
  13. Catless Question
  14. Differences between CV JOINTS on different models? HELP!
  15. Road Race DP blanket VS El Gato DP
  16. Eurocompulsion V2.1 Intake Question
  17. Stumped
  18. 500T No Turbo Sound
  19. Madness MaxPower Bluetooth Syncing Problems
  20. Euro + Drive inside. Need to return to STOCK file. HOW? EXACTLY?
  21. Tuning Question - 2015 Abarth 500
  22. POPS and Bangs mod worth it?
  23. Next up for the Abarth...catless downpipe? GFB DV+? Could use suggestions.
  24. Euro+Drive "launch control" Who has it and how does it work?
  25. Akrapovic Exhaust - INSTALLED On US Spec Abarth (Photos&Video)
  26. engine hoses
  27. Looking for someone to fabricate battery tray for the new Anti-Gravity RS-30
  28. Which revision/version RRM Piggyback do I have?
  29. How to properly boost leak test?
  30. 24k mile PCV failure?
  31. First mod, first impressions.
  32. Anyone have an xdf file for our ecu mapping?
  33. N2MB 2-Step Install, Disabled and Need Help!
  34. My side exit Abarth
  35. Clean it up!
  36. Anyone Running E85 Injectors?
  37. Re-Mapping Magneti Marelli ECU?!
  38. Confused on mopar coolant type
  39. Coolant leak?
  40. Throttle acting strange
  41. A Story of Carnage - What Happened Here?
  42. eurodrive phase 2 plus pops and bangs
  43. Has anyone completely ditched the factory "air oil separator"
  44. Has Anyone Gone Nitrous?
  45. Question About Engine Mods
  46. Engine cover screws?
  47. GoPedal settings for track day
  48. Journey to fix random high RPM stutter/hesitation
  49. Autometer DashLink
  50. Question: Best air intake and why
  51. After run coolant pump
  52. Building a Big Turbo Abarth 500
  53. Abarth500 FMIC installation
  54. E+D Tunes (with virtualdyno charts)
  55. Custom tune
  56. Eurocompulsion V2.1 Intake Installation Help
  57. Opinions On Neuf Axleback
  58. K & n cold air kit is awesome
  59. Max power by madness ecu upgrade is awesome
  60. Holy cowl filter size?
  61. Love my new Magnaflow 15211
  62. Converting 500t to 500a ecu and bcm...
  63. Abarth muffler
  64. USP Motorsports Turbo Upgrade Compatibility
  65. Boost issues after Forge BOV installation
  66. My hedaches with exhaust. Catless, res, etc...
  67. MAP sensor location?
  68. Custom shielded short ram air intake
  69. Weird issue maybe Coilpacks? (Described Inside)
  70. A beginners guide to upgrading
  71. New intake
  72. Talk me IN or OUT OF the ATM Holy Cowl intake system
  73. Boost test Zero Pressure. But This?
  74. Abarth exhaust resonator
  75. are tail pipes really necessary for performance reasons?
  76. MA smog?
  77. Had the muffler cut out of the GQ.
  78. Anyone install longer 5th gear mod?
  79. Question about pops and bangs tuning
  80. First Post, 2012 Abarth fairly modded, Clutch Slips... What to order?
  81. MPx Blow Off Plate.....anyone have one?
  82. GFB DV+ Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve
  83. N2MB WOT Box w/ Launch Control: Community Sales & Support
  84. 2nd Hand ED+ Help
  85. Better bov options
  86. Unichip on Fiat Abarth 2015, how good are they?
  87. Break in period? ED+
  88. Front mount intercooler question
  89. p0456 Code - where to look?
  90. GFB diverter valve on 2015 up
  91. What is considered normal oil consumption
  92. Question about emisions test with the Euro drive
  93. Anyone know what this is on coil pack?
  94. RRM intake for 2015, HELP!
  95. Vband cartridge gt1752s
  96. Oil catch can questions
  97. Euro+Drive Computer Compatibility
  98. abarths in the 300WHP
  99. ECU Flash?
  100. Sila Turbo Blanket Install Gone Wrong
  101. Adding mods with the Euro+Drive
  102. Strange metal sound when downshifting
  103. Sharp Power Cut: 5,500 RPM?
  104. NYC New Abarth Member
  105. RRM Ultimate Basic Stage 3, anyone running this?
  106. Turbosmart Wastegate
  107. CHQ FMIC piping diameter?
  108. Throwing codes after coil pack upgrade
  110. Checking for Boost Leaks
  111. Non sport mode 1st and 2nd gear boost
  112. Hp plugs
  113. GFB DV+ Mainspring Issue
  114. Piggyback for a stock 2015 abarth
  115. Pops and Bangs help
  116. Exhaust Question
  117. Wrong Protocol When Reading ECU
  118. How To: Replace Inner CV Joint Boots
  119. Free intake mod to increase turbo sound
  120. Recommendations for a Shop in San Francisco: Tony's Downpipe Mode and exhaust install
  121. E+D Phase 1 question...
  122. Euro+drive eurocompulsion ecu question
  123. Best intake WITHOUT the whoosh?
  124. Why is the 500T not chip-able exactly as the abarth?
  125. Rough idle with E/C tune
  126. OBD II port NOT WORKING!
  127. ATP catless down pipe issue?
  128. Should I heat wrap it?
  129. Custom exhaust diameter help.
  130. Speedmotive flash tune
  131. Oil Consumption - catch cans/oil weight
  132. Clamp on gt1752 cartridges @ atp now!
  133. Spark Plug Change at 12k Miles?
  134. Anyone using the Open Flash Tablet tune for their Abarth?
  135. Forge FMIC or EC FMIC
  136. Bypass valve delete plate who sells in usa?
  137. Short Shifter Install Help
  138. Differences between Abarth, Dart 1.4l, Renegade 1.4l engines?
  139. Mopar part number for that yellow seal on the diverter valve?
  140. Ebay Cat-less downpipes?
  141. Forge BOV vs. Forge Blow Off Plate
  142. Easy diy fmic
  143. Trying to recoup the original sound of a 2017 factory 500 Abarth - possible?
  144. RRM Ultimate tuner installation instructions?
  145. MPx vs. Neu F exhaust fitment?
  146. Euro + Drive Comparison
  147. CRP Front Mount IC installed
  148. Recent Oil Change
  149. ECM Tune - Totally confused... Have specs - Need Feedback
  150. Think I killed gt1752
  151. 2018 500 Abarth, what's Different?
  152. Are our pistons forged or cast?
  153. Want more power. what next?
  154. ATP 1752 upgrade Turbo?
  155. Gas mileage went down after catback installed?
  156. Forge BOV installation???
  157. Questions about NGEN CHQ FMIC
  158. Injector Question
  159. Modern Performance exhaust opinions???
  160. New Forge Turbo Blanket installed
  161. Lower boost but not limp mode
  162. Part number Alfa Romeo 4C Coil Pack??
  163. Throttle Response / Freeing up revs
  164. MPx Modern Performance Exhaust...Two thumbs up!
  165. Help! EC V2.1 Install on 2016 Fiat 500t
  166. Dual Map Mode Options, other tuning questions
  167. Dual Map Mode Options?
  168. 500T Battery Tray Removal for Piggyback
  169. Clutch question
  170. FMIC: Corsa Forza Experiences?
  171. CAE Shifter Install question
  172. 1800-2200 jumpy idle after DV, Coil, Spark Plug, TB install...?
  173. Spark Plug Wire source?
  174. Fmic ???
  175. E85 Conversion
  176. Cadamuro Intake fit North American cars???
  177. Euro+drive pops and bangs
  178. Is the Abarth manual transmission same as Base 500?
  179. Magnetti Marelli Tuning Box Install Issue
  180. RRM Intake Install Help
  181. Another OpenFlashTune user...
  182. Reassembling Transmission & Shift Selector
  183. Long Term Reliability/Maintenance with EC Phase 2 Tunes or any tunes
  184. Installed gfb dv+ and EC 2.1 intake NO BOOST!
  185. Fuel Injectors
  186. Real tuning software?
  187. Madness Lightweight Pulley
  188. Tune shootout July 16th
  189. Question to anyone using the MaxPower ECU
  190. 2 or 3 Bar MAP sensor?
  191. Ecm