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  1. When did you do your first oil change?
  2. Unichip slower turn over?
  3. ECU upgrade, but can't unplug camshaft position sensor clip. Help!
  4. Madness Piggieback V2
  5. Madness MADflasher vs EC tune
  6. ECU flash and coil and spark plug issues
  7. K&N 4890 filter plus PCV breather setup
  8. Unichip Q4 and stage 2 map
  9. PCV hose inner diameter
  10. The Dreaded P1CEA thrown code
  11. MM Power Pedal (ME200T) Firmware
  12. Euro drive first impressions...
  13. Time to corn feed a 1.4T... lets play a guessing game
  14. Changed out spark plugs at 25K
  15. MOD IMPROVEMENT TIMES on 1/4 mile run
  16. New Turbo Owner -- CAI Questions.
  17. Upgrades
  18. Bought some stuff for the 500T --
  19. New trans going in....new shift cables?
  20. Possible Sticky for piggybacks and CELs that may appear?
  21. Mopar performance kit for 2015 Abarth
  22. Ignition system upgrade - WeaponX
  23. Suggestions on simple aftermarket air intakes
  24. E85 tune - 2015 Abarth
  25. Which cold air intake offers the best performance?
  26. Sport mode on abarth with automatic transmission
  27. Best piggy back/tune option
  28. Intake options
  29. Need some good upgrade info please
  30. Magneti Marelli ECU issues
  31. turbo blanket
  32. Small upgrades for abarth
  33. Eurocomp intake used looking???
  34. Rough idle and bogging at start
  35. Any light at the end of the tunnel for Auto owners?
  36. Go Pedal on Abarth with an Automatic what's the tips opinions
  37. ECU upgrade
  39. Part Throttle Highway Drone Reduction
  40. Orlando new owner
  41. Thoughts on my plugs? Is this an issue?
  42. piggy back tune for 500L and 500 Abarth
  43. Downpipe or intake upgrade?
  44. What is this magneti marelli bit under my hood?
  45. New intake (and sticker)!!
  46. Abarth OFT install
  47. Largest Intercooler Core Size For Abarth?
  48. Abarth oft stage 2 issue, need input
  49. Openflash tablet emergency!
  50. NGEN Performance
  51. Intake
  52. Abarth spark plugs
  53. Calling out Openflash performance!
  54. Anyone installed a Wideband on their Abarth?
  55. Changing the Stock Air Box Filter
  56. Turbo Blanket Installation
  57. Water temperature on track
  58. Exhaust cutout valve?
  59. Auterra dyno scan pulls in Bay Area?
  60. PLM Downpipe Install
  61. Motor being replaced by Fiat
  62. AEM Tru boost controller
  63. What Air Filter Are You Guys Using?
  64. Got a 500 Madness ECM V2 2nd hand, but no double sided tape
  65. Need Some Help - New Abarth.....with mods
  66. Stock Boost PSI
  67. Purchased a EC/HPSI Unichip
  68. Manual Transmission Hard to Shift
  69. Abarth-powered Fiat X1/9
  70. Heat Soak Test (stock air box in/out)
  71. Tips for Washing Abarth Engine Bay?
  72. Will the EC V4.1 change the sound of the turbo enough to not need a Forge BOP
  73. Weekend install
  74. The newest PCM update
  75. Found this online Ram Air Boot for the Fiat 500/Abarth
  76. Waste gate acting up? Is this a typical "weak spring" scenario or warranty?
  77. EC V 4.1 NOT FITTING ON 2013 Abarth.
  78. Having a really hard time figuring out Eurodrive
  79. Thinking about the FORGE WG. Anybody has any experience with it? Does it help ?
  80. Some minor issues with Eurodrive Error Code: [0x370D]
  81. Help! DV+ install
  82. where to start...factory look
  83. Exploded Abarth/500T C510 5spd
  84. Sprint Filter with Eurocompulsion V3
  85. Forge blow off plate & CA smog legal Neuspeed CAI (new install)
  86. Boost falling off
  87. What aftermarket boost solenoid??
  88. 500 Madness MaxPower ECU
  89. Abarth/500T Parts Durability List
  90. Intake Air Temperature
  91. Factory Air Filter Housing Upgrade Kit by ‪#500MADNESS‬ ‪
  92. Fuel regulator
  93. Tune the ending a little help...
  94. Does anyone have experience with GFB DV+ ?
  95. How-To: Passenger CV Axle Replacement
  96. Abarth 2015 piggy back
  97. Unichip Q4 placement
  98. Turbo exhaust side diameter
  99. How to replace a turbo on a 500 abarth
  100. CA SMOG intake
  101. Anyone using GFB DV+ with Forge/MPx blow off plate?
  102. RRM Downpipe w/ High flow cat video
  103. Abarth gt2554 turbo upgrade -Tuner in Florida area needed!!
  104. Abarth torque rating
  105. Installing SILA FMIC questions
  106. VIDEO: How to install the Euro+Drive tuner
  107. Difference between RRM Cold Air and RRM Tallini
  108. Neu-f P-flo Air Intake
  109. Any ECU tunes or Piggybacks available for the 2016?
  110. Turbo talk. Start Up And Shut Down
  111. Anyone installed a Sila short-ram intake on a 2016?
  112. I want more acceleration and traction, please help.
  113. best ecu for abarth
  114. Forge Blowoff Plate help!
  115. Intercooler upgrade?
  116. best fmic
  117. My review of the new NGEN coil packs.
  118. K&n rc 4890
  119. gfb DV+ and bonalume plate. I know I need longer bolts - but *how* long?
  120. Lost the extender tube for neuf intake. What to do?
  121. anyone make a ram horn header?
  122. Abarth User Tunes
  123. EC Unichip on 500T: Boost Issues
  124. Venting the Cowling to let hot air escape.
  125. I know this isn't news but if you don't have a GoPedal...GET ONE!!
  126. When Is it not safe to begin mods?
  127. Where is the engine number located on a 2013 Abarth Maserati please?
  128. Quick Unichip Q4 question
  129. Madness 500 MAXpower ECM ECU V3 Problems CEL
  130. OK to install RRM ultimate tuner pro on 2013 stock Abarth?
  131. Any experience with revolution mini works?
  132. P0069/P1185 reproducible with Unichip Q4 on 2013 Abarth
  133. Unichip for 2013 -- fit on 2016
  134. Possibly the best birthday surprise?
  135. Anyone with a digital dash added a mechanical tach?
  136. Engine cover
  137. Go peddle and rrm ecu
  138. 500Madness short shift adapter vs short shift kit
  139. Any Madness MAXFlow Intake users out there? Opinion?
  140. Any slushbox owners do an ECM upgrade?
  141. Anyone running 2016 with a DV+? Spring or no spring?
  142. Help me identify the source of small leak.
  143. Information about tuners, new to the Abarth and tuning, looking at TMC.
  144. Opinions needed on FMIC.
  145. Open or closed CAI; what are the pro and cons for our Scorpions
  146. Euro Drive and Madness Autoflash
  147. Abarth 500 bumper BMC Airbox
  148. Fiat 500 Abarth LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
  149. Longer 5th Gear install
  150. Fiat 500 Abarth G-Tech exhaust GT278-cup s sounds nice
  151. Trans swap
  152. TWM vs AAD vs CravenSpeed Short Shift Kits
  153. G-Tech GT270-s aftermarket exhaust
  154. New here with a question.
  155. Madness Adaptor vs Cravenspeed Short Shift KIT
  156. Want to install Oil Temp and pressure gauge - where to place sensor
  157. Abarth Injectors
  158. Second Engine Piggyback for the 2015 that Won't Work
  159. K04 turbo upgrade
  160. Calling Abarth Owners with Neu-F Muffler Exhaust Systems
  161. Updated Tuning Options for Abarth Models 2015+
  162. Bosch 4C Coils are the bees knees!
  163. Forge BOV Sounds like an automatic nail gun @ high Boost
  164. Factory/OEM performance parts?
  165. Rev Limited in park & neutral
  166. K & N CAI at 20% off worth it
  167. Fiat Cinquecento Sporting Fire Abarth Limited Slip Conversion/ LSD Kit????
  168. Fuel Economy After ECU Reset
  169. Boost from aftermarket gauge vs. torque app
  170. Newb with Questions about Turbo Timers and Blow-off Valves
  171. what type of motor oil or brand for yours FIAT ABARTH / TURBO
  172. OpenFlash Tuner is USELESS
  173. G-tech exhaust sound - love the sound
  174. Diverter Valve vs Blow off Valve, what do you prefer?
  175. Magneti Marelli ECU
  176. Pre owned not sure if it has an aftermarket ecu
  177. Noob in CA Brainstorming Mods (restrictions - CARB/SMOG)
  178. Fmic
  179. Eurocomplusion Stage 0/Stage 1 Anyone running?
  180. ECU that definitely works with 2017 Fiat 500 Abarth?
  181. is it worth changing the exhaust?
  182. Louder please!
  183. Madness V2 and GOPedal
  184. Question Spark Plugs
  185. A quick review of the Madness MAXFire Coil Packs
  186. Just how much hp/tq can a bolt on piggy back ecu car make?
  187. Forge Wastegate Actuator
  188. How to get more hp (200hp total ) for a low price
  189. Does the DV+ need to be removed and re-lubed occasionally?
  190. True Anti-Lag
  191. DIY Oil Catch Can - between AOS and Air Filter
  192. Odd Intake Question
  193. "Heavy Duty" Maintenance Schedule for Increased Boost + Aggressive driving
  194. Help. CV boot failure or Oil leak - '15 Abarth 16K miles
  195. HELP with magneti marelli power pedal
  196. HpSI tunes for Unichip
  197. Anyone tune a 2017 yet?
  198. Fixed shakey idle and bad breakup issues!
  199. Battery help
  200. EC Unichip on 2016 500T
  201. Octane rating and performance
  202. Sila Concept Intercooler Reveiw
  203. FMIC or Meth kit for next mod?
  204. Unichip Impressions
  205. 500Madness MAXPOWER ECM first impressions
  206. Tubular exhaust manifold?
  207. anybody DIY install NGEN FMIC
  208. Open Flash problems.
  209. any solution for engine breaking sound around 4-5 rpm during hot weather?
  210. Hp and quarter time with Torque app.
  211. New Fiat Abarth Owner
  212. The catless question
  213. Magneti Marelli ECM Abarth 595 Turismo Help!
  214. Ambient Thermal Management IS BACK! Celebrate With A Forum Discount on FMIC's!
  215. Ambient Thermal Management IS BACK! Celebrate With A Forum Discount on Intakes!
  216. RRM Ultimate and Go Pedal? Foes?
  217. Is Tork still around
  218. MAXfire coil review:
  219. ATM FMIC and CAI being verified and updated for the 2016/17
  220. Intake idea
  221. Pulley kits
  222. Hard-cut limiter tune?
  223. 2015+ air intake changes
  224. Chasing and resolving P0300, P0299 codes
  225. Anyone running the K&N cold air intake?
  226. Clutch kit recommendations
  227. PCV valve
  228. Just purchased EC Unichip, what should I know?
  229. Intake Idea
  230. 2017 round 1 upgrade recipe
  231. Open Flash Tablet templates
  232. Fiat Dealer tried to squeeze money out of my recent visit
  233. Turbo bracket
  234. P2261 code and replaced solonoid, still low boost
  235. Abarth ECU installed on 500 Turbo?
  236. NAAK Handheld tuner
  237. is it ok to remove the battery blanket from my Abarth?
  238. Installing Turbo gauge
  239. Madness Bluetooth maxpower for sale
  240. ATM Intercooler install on 2015 Abarth Auto, 11 hours later
  241. Crazy exhaust mod
  242. Open Flash Tablet Questions
  243. Might Sound ridiculous
  244. How to tell how it is tuned?
  245. Spark Plug Gap for Non-Tuned Modded Abarth?
  246. Piggyback comparisons
  247. Turbo Upgrade Options
  248. Oil change reset
  249. Reviews of upgraded clutch kits
  250. Look what the post man brought today...Pogea exhaust