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  1. Trouble opening/unlocking the trunk hatch.
  2. Check Engine Light on after less than a month!
  3. Help 500c - Reset Top -Trunk will not open from outside
  4. Headliner Problem On 500 Cabrio
  5. I detest rattles...and it's the fault of the terrible streets where I live, usually.
  6. Heater Fan Replacement
  7. Problems already?
  8. Transaxle oil change
  9. Miss matched color?
  10. New section please ?
  11. Contol issues at regular high speeds! (70mph)
  12. Wet Interior, and Censorship
  13. All instrument lights stay on - odometer stuck - no speedometer
  14. Lemon/Friday Car?
  15. Those in Cold states, have you experienced....?
  16. Lights out! License plate.
  17. Chip In The Windshield
  18. Instrument Accuracy
  19. Wheel peeling?
  20. $1700 Multi Air Actuator
  21. Cruise Control Malfunction
  22. Having Major Paint Problems?
  23. Fog Light alligment on a Sport
  24. Seat Broken?
  25. There's a ringing sound in my car!
  26. Stereo dying
  27. Consumer Comments
  28. Dash feels sticky
  29. Condensation in taillight assembly
  30. esc and check engine light came on on my new fiat 500 sport only 50 miles on it?
  31. Cimate Control Blower Noises
  32. Loose Steering Column Cover
  33. Any Fiat "Insiders" out there?
  34. armrest broken
  35. Phone/Menu button on steering wheel has quit
  36. Strange noise upon initial running
  37. Availability for Factory Service Manual for purchase
  38. Dashboard noise (rattle) issue?
  39. Gauge Cluster Replacement
  40. 2nd service and unresolved issues: same dealer or go elsewhere?
  41. Miinor design quirk....front passenger seat.
  42. Hazy Tailights Anyone?
  43. clock module replacement
  44. FREE rental car
  45. Key Replacement question.
  46. Bug and Tar Remover
  47. In for repairs on 06/11/12
  48. License plate light failing. (Expensive repair)
  49. Steering issues
  50. So now I know what the burning smell is...
  51. seat release , waiting on a part :(
  52. stalled out and CEL on
  53. Sunroof removal
  54. In first gear, but car backs up
  55. Car stalled
  56. Water and the Door
  57. Clock: back to the future
  58. Steering cowl in the wrong color?
  59. 12v DC Stopped Working.
  60. Missing interior side cover above and to right of accelerator?
  61. Love my Fiat 500 i had no problems at all
  62. Am I crazy ... Or am I starting to see color variation between trim and body
  63. Head rest problem !
  64. Numerous computer issues on my 500 Sport.
  65. Upgrade Driver's Mirror from Pop to Sport'??
  66. High beam makes noise?
  67. 500 Windshield replacement
  68. ETC light flashing, loss of power
  69. Seat Cover Recall?
  70. Poll: Fast, Slow or Just Right...(Clock)
  71. Sound System Problem
  72. Blown off by Tony
  73. Problems Already :-(
  74. minor annoyance; TomTom "day to night" illumination adjustment takes too long!
  75. Faded Information Center Segments
  76. Eibach Sportline Springs "Squeak"
  77. ground loop in aux jack?
  78. Shifter Won't Come out of Park
  79. Replace window or leave alone?
  80. Absolutely WORST car ever owned.
  81. Picking up next week...specifics to look for?
  82. TPMS was right
  83. headlights kits exchange - halogen for xenon
  84. high pitch squeak
  85. Cluster repair..Clunk in front end and Studio service.
  86. Do you have front end noise?
  87. EcoDrive issues
  88. cargo area rear deck problem
  89. Brake noise now after setting the emergency brake the first time
  90. Bad day at Orange Coast Fiat
  91. Needs a new engine
  92. Intermittent Starter - Is it me or is it the car?
  93. Ball Joint Concern
  94. Paint peeling on area between windshield and sunroof
  95. I washed my car and the paint pealed off
  96. How to Care for your Paint and Interior on your Fiat
  97. I need your advice
  98. Buzz / hum at highway
  99. Rattling Sound from Rear Passenger Side
  100. Sport front fascia on pop?
  101. Condensation in tail light.
  102. Bumper / Hood Fit
  103. Very minor clunk in the steering, can you check if your Fiat does it too?
  104. hi-beams not working?
  105. My Sport just blew a speaker . . .
  106. Rear Wiper on Car but Wrong Control on Wheel
  107. Clock is running fast
  108. check engine light
  109. Rear main seal leak?
  110. Severe moisture problem causing glass fogging
  111. USB Port in Glove Box Stopped Working
  112. Clunking, snapping sound in front end
  113. Crying Over Spilled Milk
  114. 1200 degrees fahrenheit
  115. Movement in 4th gear
  116. Vibration at 3000 RPM
  117. Blue & Me and iPhone contacts list
  118. Dog Bone Mount Issues?
  119. Snow pulled the bottom cover off
  120. Bluetooth making me blue
  121. My Horrible Fiat Experience
  122. High beams flickering on and off
  123. Blower motor squeak
  124. Check Engine light came on
  125. Gas Tank Indicator
  126. ETC Light driving me nuts.
  127. List of Recent Issues
  128. Sound when operating window
  129. FIAT 500 GPS issues
  130. Oil Filter Housing problem?
  131. Debris between shield and rotor...? Common or not
  132. P2610
  133. Lots of issues with my Prima. Anyone else having this much trouble?
  134. Undercar clunking
  135. CEL: Check Engine Light Codes and Info
  136. Now its rusting :-(
  137. Anyone know what part or part number this is?
  138. Paint is peeling everytime I wash my car
  139. 2013 500 Sport- steering became loose on highway?
  140. Right Side DRL bulbs keep burning out
  141. free oil change
  142. Cabrio headliner fix?
  143. Less than 2 weeks......
  144. Key Fob Range Problem (yes, I changed the battery - twice!)
  145. issues with a touchless carwash
  146. Lighting Problem-Right side
  147. My fiat wont start sometimes
  148. Is this normal
  149. Danger! Locked Clutch Pedal! WHAT!!!
  150. No tire pressure monitoring when it's (very) hot.
  151. Anyone had this? Cruise Control/Seat Heater/Emergency Brake Light/Alarm.
  152. Windshield Repair ~ Removal of Light Scratches
  153. Device Undiscoverable After iPhone5 Software Update
  154. Fiats in Alaska
  155. Did I get a Lemon?
  156. Dashboard EVIC Sounds Missing
  157. 2013 Fiat 500 Pop Chrome Rings around Window Button
  158. Clutch Pedal Sticking?
  159. Confused Alarm
  160. Abarth tire wear and sills coming off
  161. Automatic transmission failure already?
  162. Rear main seal leak..??
  163. Check Engine Light: Crankshaft Failure
  164. Post + Teenager = Ouch leads to "mini" Mini comparison
  165. Recalls!!!
  166. Steering wheel off center?
  167. Trunk not opening
  168. Cabin smells like gasoline
  169. Airbag Warning Light/Failure Message
  170. Fiat 500 T engine fire
  171. Rear fender liner
  172. Help needed with rattle
  173. 500 dash plastic becoming soft
  174. Service Airbag Systems warning immediately after dealer performed oil change/inspect.
  175. So Many PROBLEMS
  176. Got rid of my Prima #171... story time
  177. Problems with Fiat 500 fuel economy/transmission/TPMS for a year
  178. Cracked Windshield
  179. Speedo cluster issues. Sort of figured out/resolved.
  180. Starter switch gone bad. Intermittent start.
  181. The triangle engine warning lght is on and ia m told to replace the engine oil.
  182. Three Batteries in Two Years!
  183. Speedometer Issues
  184. Problems starting Fiat 500cc autosport
  185. Faded stripes
  186. Got a flat, FIAT should include a spare!
  187. Looks like the end for my Fiat experience
  188. Burning smell coming from my Fiat 500
  189. Slowly regretting my purchase....
  190. Bad Service Departments
  191. Dashboard warning lights not working
  192. Funny problem with radio
  193. Excessive rear tire wear
  194. Found a plastic part on floor, expandable foam under dash. Whatzit?
  195. Top Mount Issues?
  196. First post! first couple of problems! a wub wub wub sound...
  197. License Plate Light
  198. Audible Buzzing Noise at 3000 to 4000 RPM
  199. My Mopar CAI go boom!!!!
  200. First break down
  201. Cabrio squeak solved
  202. Blower motor not working
  203. Brake noises
  204. Side mirror distortion
  205. Lounge rear tire issue
  206. Overheat light on 2012 Fiat 500 POP
  207. Faulty Radio or Electrical Nightmare - 2012 500 Sport
  208. Rear tires wearing out faster than front?!
  209. TSB# for intermediate steering part?issue
  210. Slow coolant leak from overflow fittings
  211. panel lights dim and brighten
  212. drip drip drip
  213. Sirius displays UNAVAILABLE
  214. MIL on Turbo Model
  215. Just had to have the head replaced 2012 500
  216. Any chance Fiat will be redesigning the armrest on the Sport?
  217. Intermittent Starting Problem. Documentation
  218. So I ordered Abarth rear diffuser.. problems?
  219. Broken Armrest (Door Side)
  220. USB port not working
  221. Big Trucks and blinded drivers
  222. 2012 clutch issues
  223. stability in the wind, bumps ect
  224. Oh yes, back to the shop again!
  225. WARNING - Dangerous vehicle
  226. FIAT 500 sunroof problems
  227. Heads up for those of you in hot climates!
  228. Nooooo my first issue with my fiat
  229. Odds and ends for my Sport
  230. Battery failure, or something worse?
  231. Brand New Car Paint Chips to metal So Easily!
  232. Clear coat coming off my wheels 20k on the clock!
  233. Didn't come with an owner's manual?
  234. Winshield Wiper contact
  235. 2012 Sport problems
  236. Window Rattling - Driver's Side - 2012 500 Sport
  237. When should I have my oil changed?
  238. GPS Noise and 24hr Clock Bug
  239. Console Clock Doesn't Keep Time
  240. Leather Interior - Cracked Already?!
  241. 16,000 miles. Front pads and rotors require replacement on my dime.
  242. RBDS not operational in radio
  243. 500's A/C
  244. lost all confidence in fiat
  245. Passenger side mirror disconnected from body
  246. Tail lights fogging up
  247. Weird Occurence with Passenger Side Window
  248. Windshield Replacement - Part Number?
  249. High beams no longer work
  250. Transmission disaster