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  1. Introduction to DI Corse
  2. DI Corse Facebook page
  3. DICorse exclusive importer of Seletron Chipbox/Pedalbooster
  4. CHIPBOX/Pedalbooster now in stock for Fiat Abarth 124 Spider
  5. What is a mechanic?
  6. How does Multiair technology work?
  7. Fiat/Abarth 500 Rear Wheel Bearing Info
  8. Learn about Seletron Chipbox...checkout video
  9. Eliminate gas pedal lag.
  10. AUTO RACING EQUIPMENT ......For Sale!
  11. RESTORATION JOBS are now being accepted
  12. CHIPBOX Add 27HP to your Fiat 124 Spider $499.95 shipped
  13. Seletron Pedalbooster Fiat 500/124 In stock! $299.95 shipped
  14. Seletron Pedalbooster Fiat 500/124 In stock! $299.95 shipped
  15. Seletron Chipbox for Abarth 500 Add 26hp $499.95 shipped
  16. Seletron Chipbox for Alfa Romeo Quadrofolio.....adds 60hp!
  17. How to install a Seletron Chipbox on a Alfa Romeo 4C
  18. Put your Fiat 500 on a diet!!
  19. Put your Fiat 500 on a diet! Save 21lbs with a Braille battery
  20. Vintage Fiat 124 Spider Labor Rates
  21. Seletron Chipbox for Fiat Abarth 124 or 500
  22. BREMBO BRAKES.....We buy and import from the source!
  23. DNA Racing Components shipment arrived!
  24. Chipbox works.....watch this!
  25. DI Corse.. Your source for Fiat/Abarth repairs in the Northeast!
  26. Does your Abarth run like this?
  27. Fiat 500 wheel bearing issues
  28. Fiat 500 wheel bearing issues
  29. Replacing Fiat 500/Abarth wheel bolts
  30. Replacing Fiat 500/Abarth wheel bolts
  31. Why are people intimidated by Chipbox???
  32. BREMBO BRAKES for Fiat Abarth 500 and 124
  33. Checkout the Seletron Chipbox video for Fiat/Abarth 124 Spider
  34. Seletron CHIPBOX. TUV tested power for your vehicle.
  35. Checkout this video of the Seletron Chipbox Abarth 500
  36. Why TUV approved?
  37. FIAT 500 Nut/Stud Conversion $47.95 shipped via ground
  38. Brembo Sport Rear Rotors for Fiat 500/Abarth 500 Available in the US!
  39. Eurcompulsion Intercooler install on a Fiat Abarth 124 Spider
  40. Fiat/Abarth 124 Spider Exhaust upgrades
  41. We know how to make your Abarth go really really fast! Contact us.
  42. CV JOINTS for your Fiat 500
  43. ECU tune download issues.....
  44. Wheel bolt replacement kit for 500's $44.95 shipped
  45. Wheel bolt replacement kit for 500's $44.95 shipped
  46. ABARTH goodies for sale! Straight from Italy
  47. The BEST brakes in the world for your Fiat Abarth 500
  48. Chipbox Fiat 124 Spider....reduce 0-60mph by 1 second.
  49. KW/ST Suspensions Shock kits for 500/Abarth500 SAVE $$$$
  50. Fiat parts shortage?
  51. Customer Review of a Chipbox for Alfa Romeo Quadrafolio
  52. Chipbox works.....watch this!
  53. Images from Hooked on Driving Pocono event.
  54. Results!
  55. Powered by the BEST!
  56. CHIPBOX Price Increase!
  57. Seletron tuv approved 3 year warranty!
  58. Official Abarth goodies for sale.
  59. Abarth Beanies $29.95 shipped via ground
  60. Seletron Chipbox and Pedalbooster Price reductions for Fiat Abarths 500/124
  61. Hassle free power for your Abarth
  62. Fiat Maintenance Parts now available at DICorse
  63. Carlo abarth foundation usa
  64. Spark Plug Tube Seal replacement Kit $74.95 shipped
  65. Abarth 500 replacement clutch kit IN STOCK!
  66. 500 CV Joint Boots $19.95 shipped
  67. Mahle Oil Filter 3 pack deal!
  68. CHIPBOX now available for Fiat 500L Adds 28hp!
  69. DICorse new website release.
  70. Spark Plug Tube Seal replacement Kit for 1.4 liter $74.95 shipped
  71. DICorse....Your source for OE type parts for modern Fiats.
  72. SPEED SECRET for your Abarth 500
  73. Abarth 500 Cylinder head failure!
  74. Do not over look changing your Multiair screen!
  75. NEW GARRETT TURBO for your 1.4 liter engine $799.95 shipped to lower 48 states.
  76. Back in stock. CV BOOTS. TRIPOD BEARINGS. ETC...
  77. Cool video on air filter technology. Amazing!
  78. New adjustable shifter by DNA Racing Components!
  79. Hard to find CV Joint boots, tripod bearings and more!
  80. Customers LOVE DICorse. Why?
  81. Massive price reduction.....DNA rear camber plates....$99.95 shipped!
  82. DICorse stocks front and rear wheel bearing kits for your Abarth 500
  83. DICORSE opening a new location in Florida this JULY!
  84. Abarth 500 Engine mount now in stock!
  85. DNA Racing Shifter......best in the world now available for Abarth 500!
  87. Proud to be part of the family!
  88. Catted Downpipes coming to www.dicorse.com
  89. 230hp Turbo Kits available for Abarth 500
  90. Check out DICorse......your source for Abarth 500s!
  91. INCOMING 290HP Turbo kit for Abarth/Fiat 124 Spider
  92. Please visit our Facebook Pages
  93. One of the largest inventories of 500 OE type parts in the USA!
  94. 500 Strut Bolts in stock!
  95. Come visit us at our new shop in Bonita Springs Florida this July!
  96. Do you change your own oil? We offer a oil/filter kit.
  97. Abarth 500/500T Front Sway Bar Links now in stock
  98. Please join FIAT CLUB AMERICA....$45 per year
  99. Seletron Pedalbooster Bluetooth version $299.95 shipped
  100. 4C Coils Back in stock!!
  101. HIGH PERFORMANCE CATTED CELL for 1446 Turbo. In Stock!
  102. PRO TIP by DICorse!
  103. 1446 Turbo vs. TD04 vs. TD04HL
  104. Did you get your power surge today?
  105. We also sell auto racing safety equipment!
  106. How to lower your oil temps and prolong the life of your engine.
  107. New website launched
  108. Alfa 4C Coils back in stock for your Abarth!
  109. Prometeo shipment arrived!
  110. 500 Front Wheel bearings in stock!
  111. Fiat Memorabilia......vintage 500 stuff....we carry the cool stuff!
  112. Seletron Chipbox.....adds 28hp!
  113. COMING UP......TECH TALK hosted by DICorse!
  114. $15 off DNA Racing Rear Camber Plates for next 48 hours
  115. Prometeo LSD for your Abarth 500 instock at DICorse
  116. DNA 500 Rear Camber plates $15 off regular price!
  117. Abarth 500 200 cell Catted Downpipes IN STOCK!
  118. ABARTH 500 RACING straight downpipes IN STOCK!
  119. Abarth 500 racing exhaust manifolds in stock!
  120. DICorse/Prometeo Oil Caps in Stock!
  121. 500 Hatch Replacement Harnesses in stock!
  122. Seletron Chipbox WINS OUT at Dyno Day at 2021 Freakout!
  123. $100 off GT1446 Modified Turbo Free shipping to lower 48 states.
  124. NEW Bonita Springs location open
  125. $26K shipment of Abarth 500 OE type parts incoming this week!
  126. Still have a cel light after installing a aftermarket 200 cell cat?
  127. DNA TORQUE ARMS 3 to choose from.
  128. 500 Hatch Replacement Harnesses in stock!
  129. Throwing a cel with your catted downpipe? Try this!
  130. New look.....new products.....dicorse!
  131. 500 OE type Oil Caps back in stock!
  132. CV Boots back in stock!
  133. $100 off GT1446 Modified Turbo Free shipping to lower 48 states.
  134. Ever find oil in your spark plug tubes? We have the fix!
  135. Is your 500 Abarth hard to shift? Read this.
  136. Abarth 500 CLUTCH ASSEMBLIES
  137. Ever hear a humming noise from the rear of your car?
  138. Flushing your brake system?
  139. SPECIAL OFFER......$50 OFF of a Prometeo Oil Pan
  140. Lower prices on some of our OE type parts!
  141. When should you change your timing belt?
  142. We are not rock auto
  143. NEW GARRETT TURBO for your 1.4 liter engine $879.95 shipped to lower 48 states.
  144. Hard to find 500 oil filter caps in stock....$32.95 shipped.
  145. CHANGE your Multiair screen every 60,000 miles
  146. How does the PANDEMIC effect Fiat Abarth owners?
  147. OIL.....is the bloodline of your engine!
  148. Grand opening party this saturday!
  149. THANK YOU for a fantastic grand opening event!
  150. Orra cold air intakes.....arriving next week!
  151. DICorse Tech Tip Oil changes
  152. Make your front sway bar adjustable.
  153. Lower your oil temperature!
  154. Lower your water temperature with just one bottle!