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  1. Back plate rattle
  2. Help! Power Locks stopped working
  3. Interior Lights Won't Shut Off
  4. Squeezing noise from brakes
  5. AC leaking into cabin
  6. AWD Trekking Plus front brake issue
  7. Backup camera poor image
  8. Parts Availability Issue
  9. Technical Service Bulletin
  10. Power Seat Failure
  11. 2.4L oil consumption
  12. Annoying automatic turn-on!
  13. Fix it Again, Tony (Braking System Issue, again)
  14. Strong smell from washer fluid
  15. Heated steering wheel stopped working. Front seats issues.
  16. 2016 Trekking wouldn't start, check engine & lightning bolt lights on dash
  17. 500X with Beats has no bass
  18. Vent hole in upper glove box compartment
  19. Remote start comfort system
  20. Rear washer fluid aim
  21. Seat belt rattle
  22. 73xx miles and I already have an oil leak. Ugh
  23. Remote starter failure
  24. P0128 - after just 5 months...
  25. Went on a muddy dirt road today and immediately got this messages
  26. X safe to go through automatic car washes?
  27. Over aggressive traction control
  28. Fiat 500X Tech Bulletin 5-002-17 ABS System Enhancements
  29. My 500x first oil change at 5,425 miles and oil leak from filter???
  30. Constant sound that's kinda annoying
  31. 2.4L engine on 2017 L or X models
  32. Having radio issues Beats edition
  33. IPC update again???
  34. Getting rid of storm warning
  35. Stainless steel muffler canister
  36. Change oil warning won't reset
  37. Manual shift feature
  38. Extended Warranty question?
  39. Very bad smell from vents.
  40. Fiat 500X car trunk Vs. luggage
  41. Power loss when hitting the gas
  42. Radio Transceiver getting jammed (white noise)
  43. 500 Trekking Front Rotors
  44. Anyone else have issues of their 500X front seatbelts twisting?
  45. door handle trouble
  46. Horn won’t honk
  47. First Actual Issue On My 500X
  48. Radiator fan ON on high speed on RAINY days.
  49. 2016 500x TPMS accuracy
  50. 2017 Map Update
  51. Broken rocker panels..common?
  52. P0073 - ambient temperature sensor high - location?
  53. Be careful when you have 18" OEM wheels!!!
  54. Bad Engine Mount
  55. Drive Mode error: Cross post
  56. Is something rolling around in my car??????
  57. New Tires
  58. Radio in 2015 500L
  59. 2016 500x radio frozen on start up.
  60. 500X Beats Audio lack of bass/update
  61. Electrical Panel Issue???
  62. Transmission 9speed issues?
  63. Stiff brake pedal prevents starting
  64. Ethanol corrosion protection
  65. Power window issue?
  66. My 500x sucks!
  67. Passenger Blind Spot Detection really weak...
  68. Scraping like noise under the hood
  69. key fob problems
  70. Issues with backup warning light
  71. Undocumented feature?
  72. Broken Door Handle
  73. Problems problems and more problems
  74. Rain Sensor for Wipers
  75. At the dealer.
  76. PANIC button
  77. 500X Warning Lights - Service Airbag, Parking Brake & Seatbelt chime
  78. Serius Satellite Radio goes out when I pass a cell tower
  79. P0325 error code
  80. Electrical gremlins... Light bulbs, air bags, engine, transmission...
  81. Defective brake caliper
  82. DRL & Back-up Light Failure
  83. Cold weather failure to start/misfire/stalling
  84. Question about the Radiator fan
  85. Driver Seat Power when Vehicle Off
  86. 2018 Fiat 500 X Recall
  87. P0236 = new turbo?
  88. Ambient temp sensor replacement
  89. Rattle Under 35 MPH
  90. Service Keyless Entry warning for no reason
  91. Radiator Fan Failure