As we have grown, it is time to post some general guidelines to keep everyone on the same page. These rules are common sense and basic forum etiquette, and I don't expect to see any problems with the group of folks that visit here.

This is a Fiat 500 enthusiasts site. We enjoy the cars produced by Fiat SpA and like to talk about them here. This is a relaxed place to hang out, discuss and learn about these cars.

This Forum is built on respect for each other. When posting, both members and vendors must ALWAYS be respectful of fellow members and vendors.

We may become passionate about our case, but it is an opinion and everyone has one. When discussing these opinions, do so in a respectful way. Personal attacks, trolling/baiting, deliberate antagonizing, and flaming will not be tolerated. If you feel you are being attacked, report the post or private message rather than replying or flaming back.

Remember, we all have different experiences but have a common interest. Being respectful helps us learn from these experiences. Excessive negativity brings the tone of the conversation down and discourages people from sharing. An endless thread of complaining makes people want to change the channel and tune out. A good question to ask yourself before posting is, "Am I contributing or just complaining?"

We like to hear about experiences, but keep in mind this isn't your personal website where you get even with people or companies. Discussions yes, vendettas no. The best posts serve the whole community and not just you.

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. I suggest using it carefully because it is typically at someone else's expense and will quickly sour a thread. If you can't get your point across without insulting someone, don't post. Improve your argument.

If you continuously get your posts reported, that could be the sign you are disrupting the forum , and it is suggested you re-examine how you present your arguments. We want everyone here, but if you take away from peoples experience more than contribute to them, that is not going to fly here.

We are here for the discussion. Venting your frustrations only inflames the community and shuts down the conversation. You'll get more sympathy, help and respect if you are considerate and don't try to ruin everyone else's experience. If you don't like your car, you may want to reconsider your stay here.

Language / Imagery
Lets keep the language and pictures clean and family oriented. No Nudity. Hate speech will immediately get you permanently banned.

Politics / Religion
This is a car forum. Politics and religion don't belong here.

New Members
New members are welcomed here and are not chastised. There are no dumb questions , but there are dumb answers. Let's not have them here. Members are encouraged to search the site and before posting. If you really want to know about the Fiat 500, make sure you take some time and read from the beginning. That will give you an excellent foundation of Fiat 500 knowledge.

To be fair to the vendors and sponsors that help bring you this forum, please do not post links to your business or sites. This includes having links in your signature to companies or competing sites. Posts breaking this rule are subject to moderation, editing or deletion. Contact the Administrator if you have any questions. Only sponsors or vendors can advertise here. Contact the Administrator for info on how to become a vendor or sponsor.

Promoting Your or Other Sites
After much abuse, we are going to be stricter on this. Please do not post links to your business or sites or promote other competing sites. That is considered an internet faux pas and in bad taste. This includes having links in your signature to companies or competing sites. I post on many boards, but I don't promote my site there. I would like the same courtesy. Posts breaking this rule are subject to moderation, editing or deletion. Contact me if you have a question.

Group Buys
Group Buys must be through vendors or sponsors of Fiat 500 USA Forum or If any user wants to present a Group Buy, please contact the source who is willing to offer the deal, and have them approach us. That company will have to become a vendor or sponsor. This is to prevent fly by nights from stealing our money and to have them make a commitment to support their product..

Spamming this site will immediately get your IP address permanently banned.

Multiple Accounts
Multiple user accounts are not allowed. These can be detected, and if found you will be banned. Suspicious accounts will be investigated, so don't try it.

The Administrator has the right to ban, either temporarily or permanently, or to delete any members account as he sees fit.

The Administrator reserves the right to not publish, delete or edit any posts/threads that violate these rules or for any other reason as he sees fit.

The Administrator and Moderators see that these guidelines are followed. Positive intent is assumed from all members however, if an infraction has incurred, enforcement may be anything from a gentle nudge to get you back on track to a Private Message. In either case, requests need to be complied with. Openly disagreeing or questioning a moderator or administrators decision will get you immediately banned. Use a Private Message to discuss these things, however, the Administrator, who owns and pays for this site, has the final say.

Insulting or disrespecting a moderator or administrator in a public post is grounds for immediate banning. It is the moderator or administrator's decision if you will be banned based on an insulting or disrespectful private message.

Read more: Infraction System

The right is reserved to change, modify, or add to these rules at any time.

Questions? Contact the administrator.